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  1. Milkytracker
  2. So, what's your weapon of choice?
  3. What does your studio look like?
  4. REMIX: Doing Eurodisco (Overboard) - feat.Shannon Hurley
  5. The rotational wish list
  6. What's a good way to generate SID type sound effects?
  7. What does your creative process look like?
  8. I've always wondered...
  9. Anyone have any multi-track recordings laying around?
  10. Spectrum/Amstrad 8-bit tunes...
  11. searching for Danerion Track
  12. Does anyone want to remix this?
  13. Uploads?
  14. ...and now some arqueology quiz!!
  15. New Track :)
  16. Cream of the earth Remix RC1
  17. Search music composers heard on Scenesat
  18. older cassette synth song, ID please
  19. Linux MultiMedia Studio
  20. Hey guys!!
  21. THIS is art of music!
  22. Powertrace - Enjoy the Funk! (SID 8580)
  23. Looking for the source of Dj Aquaz - Just you
  24. Few SID sounds
  25. Lizardking - Lizardking's Theme (Armandox Rework)