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2009-02-10, 09:17
In this thread you can introduce yourself to the other people hanging around here. Nothing mandatory, just optional, since it's nice to get to know the people on the site a bit more.

It can be your background, future plans, how you found us, what you do and so on and so forth, so just go ahead.

For starters, I'm John a.k.a Ziphoid. I've been a scener since the mid-80's in groups like Triumph 2001, Active, Razor 1911 and Musicline. I've always been interested in demo parties, music and everything surrounding the scene and still is, now probably more than ever.

IRL, I work as an IT-consultant so I'm always surrounded by computers like the nerd I am. :)

So, feel free to tell us who YOU are. :)

Oh, and btw, my nickname Ziphoid is NOT grabbed in any relation to Zaphod Beeblebrox from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's simply a name I grabbed via randomizing 10 words from the Concise English Dictionary and picking the best sounding one. The ACTUAL version of it would've been Xiphoid, since that was the word that initially popped up, but I felt Ziphoid had a smoother tone to it. So, there. :)

Peter W
2009-02-10, 11:23
Hello my name is Peter W...

I grew up with the C64 and eventually got hooked on the music that could be heard in the many cool games. It wasn't until the Amiga came out that I was introduced to the demoscene and all the wonders that came with it. And it was then at the age of 13 that I started tracking. From there to the pc, fasttracker 2 and hanging in the #trax channel. 25 years later and i'm still tracking ;) (i'm a renoise user). in 2007 I started releasing my first tracks (remixes) on RKO and now in 2009 i'm creating my own scenemusic.

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-02-10, 14:28
Hello. I am Sir Garbagetruck. I wear a towel. When you see a guy at a demoparty wearing a towel, generally talking about something or anything, with a hat with loads of scene party stickers on it, that would be me.

Come say hi. Also, you might want to remind me who you are, because... I forget sometimes. Or other times I do things like "Firefox is here?!?!?" not knowing.

I've been involved in the demoscene for a while now, from early groups which never did much like SCAR, Chaotix Order, Twilight (not any of the Twilights that released stuff,) and groups which have like LSD, Danish Gold, Madwizards, 5711, UKScene Allstars and Accession. (Yes, at least 2 of those groups have defined membership as "if you have the T-shirt you're a member." The demoscene breaks rules so we can make them.)

I like demos. I like the demoscene more (:

You can generally ask me anything about the scene, and I'll give you my opinion on it. Heck, you can ask me anything and I'll generally give you my opinion. This is more of a warning than helpful.

2009-02-10, 20:57
My name is Brian, 35 years of age and from Denmark.
I started coding assembler on the C64 back in the mid-80's but eventually moved on to the Amiga... I never got around to coding on the Amiga though.

The scene has always been interesting, and as Sir Garbagetruck said in the launch show, the scene has moved on. It's not what it was 25 years ago, and I think it's a good thing.
I've not been a part of the scene for many years, and I probably won't release anything (I usually say that I will, but, knowing myself, there will always be something else I need to do before finishing any music, hehe).

I found out about Scenesat a long time ago... at the very beginning, and I've been bugging Ziphoid about this website for just as long.
Now it's here and I am happy.

Brian, aka Calador
-- Nunc ille est magicus --

PS: Bring me some more robots!

The Beast
2009-02-10, 22:29
My name is Edwin aka The Beast of The Subversive Elements

Being around the C64 from the mid 80's,kinda playing with music with my Bro A0D also starting in the mid 80's,making demos having fun etc.....
Started on the Amiga with soundtracker and some midi stuff (akai s1000 ,korg wavestation)

All got famous when Tron (Erwin) started working together with us (the Subversive Elements) we did some shows and made some remixes etc..

At the moment building my dream ,a old school musicstudio ,complete analog and midi based,even building my own monitor speakers......

When there's interressed I can put some pictures on the progress.....maybe get some feedback on how to build and connect things....

2009-02-10, 22:50
Ok here goes... I go by the nick Waxhead and my real name is Svein (sounds like swine in english... quite appropriate I have to admit).
My first computer was a C64 and after some time I moved to Amiga who was exposed to numerous hacks and upgrades. It was not until 2k I made the swap to a heater (read:std pc). For the Amiga I started with Amos, moved to AmigaE and some 68K assembly at the end. I coded a few minor tools but the only notable thing I did was write a ProTracker clone called AdeptTracker who used the AmigaOS2.0 system GUI instead of the more common custom GUI's around. (can be found by googling "AdeptTracker Aminet") for those of you who are interested.
We also made a few "demos" released at TG97 (13th and 15th place).
My skills are coding, music, 3dgfx, 2dgfx and just about a little bit of everything you can think of.
As for the more recent years the more notable stuff I have done is a utility called DriveGLEAM who is a software based hard disk indicator LED thing + CPU & MEM usage etc...
Other projects I am involed in are the www.6581-8580.com (http://www.6581-8580.com) (SOASC=) and www.paula8364.com (http://www.paula8364.com) (SOAMC=) projects. I manage the server + write the code that runs the database. Due to various reasons our server is on very limited bandwidth at the moment (hint hint).

Ok that's it... I'm done advertising now :)

2009-02-10, 23:54
I first became enthralled with the demo-scene after a friend in high school introduced me to a Future Crew Demo and subsequently the scream-tracker and the now retired www.hornet.org. I seen became familiar with fast tracker and Elwood who really inspired me the most to start on my journey of music making with computers.

I found that trackers where cumbersome at first and then happened upon Buzz Modular Studio in its infancy and became hooked! For some reason the whole thing clicked with me right away and I began to experiment. This was around late 98 I believe. I didn't feel confident enough to release anything tell around 2004 or 5. Things are such a haze when your having fun! Right? Anyways I started to release and remix tracks with the crew over at buzzmusic.org now known as http://www.buzzmusic.org.ua. They had some server issues and I've lost most of my early stuff but I still go there sometimes. I moved on to TIS when it was restarted and now I'm looking for a new home due to the sense that nothing is being accomplished there anymore. Very sad to see.

I've never been involved with the demo scene actively and only participated in a few Novus Compo's. I try to keep an open mind about music and take criticism in stride. I most of all just love to write music and have fun.

To all those about to Track I salute you! :cool:

I want to clarify that I've had Zaphoid as a internet handle for quite a number of years and didn't even know that Ziphoid existed on the demoscene. I actually did take it from "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" due to the fact Douglas Adams is one of my favorite obsessions. I simply took Zaphod's name and added an i. Well yes not the most clever thing I know but hey it works! :D

2009-02-11, 00:12
My nick is usually Trace but I changed it to powertrace when I started to do more upbeat c64 remixes :P
I have no relation to demopartys since I have never been to any of those.

I first started with the c64 makeing some music in Ubiks Music then got an amiga and got found noisetracker and finaly protracker and did 4 music disks that never got released, maybe I was to lazy :P
Then I bought a pc and did some tracks on fasttracker, buzz, axs and finaly on Reason, recently started to do some stuff in ableton live.

I did "the way of the exploding fist" remix and got some friends and got introduced to rko, remix64, slayradio and so on and now I am very happy to be a part of all this this and hopefully one day I will get my ass to a demoparty and get even more friends.

Recently I have put up a website with some of my old and new stuff.

2009-02-11, 00:41
My nick was Dimmignatt but I kinda shortened it to Dimmi since everyone called me that or, well a bunch of other names in that direction.I've had as much nicks in my past as you have socks in your drawers :D. Ola is my real name and I was born in ´82.
My father brought home the lovley breadbin in ´84 when I was about 2½ years old and I've been hooked ever since. Never did any music on it and the answer would be my age and I was honestly having to much fun playing all the f''tastic games. Though I've allways appreciated the music. I could reload games over and over just to hear the Ocean Loader tracks again and again.

My first introduction to trackers was around ´92 when Floaf introduced me to
Pro Tracker on his awesome Amiga 500 (Upgraded to infinity and beyond).
It was also Floaf that introduced me to the demoscene. Groups like
Kefrens, Fairlight and others. Never acutally got in to the whole process
just admiring the people that did them.
Got hold of my own tracker when my dad brought home a 386, I think it was
scream tracker but I got hold of FT2 pretty soon after that and hassled around with
it. Though the first sensible and listenable thing that came from me probably was
with X-formZ (Floaf and me started this project to make some remixes our way).
Me being a metalhead and Floaf a trance/eurodance kind of guy this makes
somewhat interesting remixes from time to time.
Though I've had several bands in the past, some tracks I have, if someone wants to listen
just pm me or something.

Shit!! This is really turning in to a novel. (Focus)
I was currently re-introduced to the demoscene by Sir GarbageTruck and I will probably
try to do some music for the scene and if they don't want it maybe I can ask Ziphoid to play them on SceneSat ;)

Keep the scene alive and breathing and contribute in your own way.

Best Wishes Dimmi

2009-02-11, 01:21
Hi there,

I'm Noir. I'm not really into the Scene. I stumbled across SLAY Radio coz a friend pointed it out to me. I kinda liked the music and the people there who were different in a way. I hung around for a couple of years and then Ziphoid started his own radiostation that does more than C64 music. So I hang around there too.

As a lot of you already know I'm into photography in a big way. I've developed my own style and try to become better at it.

Well, that's a about it, I think.
See you guys around!


2009-02-11, 01:32
Hi guys,

I became a scener in a early 90s as a member of c64 group called Keen Acid, formed by friend of mine Jacek alias Groove, who was before a member of Taboo (as graphician). The same Jacek who is a member of our music project; Spacelab, but recently its activity seems to be suspended ;). Later I joined the c64 group Agony as a musician and I'm still in that group to these days. A fruit of my scene activity is directory in HVSC, which I frankly advise You to avoid :)

moog aka Sebastian Bachlinski

2009-02-11, 08:54
Hi all,

I'm Juhana in real life, Juhgu in IRC and nowadays I do some music under the name Byproduct.

Sometime back in junior high, I thought I'll just quickly give Fast Tracker II a try, but it was way too much fun to quit, and I've been making music ever since. I haven't been active in the demoscene, I just love the demos and the music. There's no better sound than a crunchy c64 bassline. :p

I found about Scenesat through amigaremix.com. Heard some awesome tunes, got informed of this event called BIT live, went to see it, heard some more awesome music and got convinced that I want to keep an eye (or ear) out for what the geeks in Sweden and other nordic countries are up to these days. So here I am.

My music can be found at http://byproduct.koshiyoka.com/ . I also do live gigs every now and then.

2009-02-11, 12:16
Hello friends, to the people who know me, well u know me already, to the people who dont well....my name is subzero as you can see, I've only been on the scene since 2003 after attending my first bitlive, however i've been around since 1970. I run my own little podcasts site at www.c64podcasts.co.uk (http://www.c64podcasts.co.uk) and I've had my finger in a few other pies going around.

2009-02-11, 22:56

I'm Oscar Andersson a.k.a Andersson, the annoying teen with no imagination.
I don't know squat about the scene or the c64 or whatsitcalled, but the music's got me hooked.
I've done some music since the beginning of '08 but i still suck :)

Live Free and Die Hard or whatever ;)

2009-02-11, 23:42
Hi there

Brigane is the name. I'm 24 years old, recently produced two tracks for the scenesat radio. Rainbow Colours, and Scenesat Trance Anthem.

Music production environment: Renoise 2.0.0

Favorite headphones: Senheiser HD 280

Favorite sample cds: Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol. 1,2,3

Favorite VST instruments/plugins: Sylenth1, Vanguard, Nexus, Zebra2, z3ta+, T-Racks and so on :)

Favorite music artists: Daniel Kandi, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Miller, Above and Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Push (just to name a few)

Future plans: I wanna get to know a lot of people behind the scene, produce some more tracks for the radio shows, and help with the expansion of the scene as much as I possibly can.

"we are in it to live it"

2009-02-12, 00:30

Mordi is the name, chosen because of poor imagination.
18 years old, so don't have a lotta knowledge about the C64 or Amiga, but I find them interesting anyhoo. Nice blip blops. Used to play the Amiga a lot when I was a wee lad.
Been fiddling with FL Studio since around the beginning of 2008 some time.

--> mordi.ziphoid.com (http://mordi.ziphoid.com) <--

2009-02-12, 11:00
I get a slight Deja Vu feeling writing this introduction about myself, mostly because I spent half an hour yesterday evening doing exactly that. Gee, was I surprised when I this morning, found out that everything I typed was lost in cyberspace. How come? Well, as the absent-minded person I am, I hit the preview button, reviewed the text and for some reason did not press save. So here we go again...

My name is Björn, but I am known as WhiteDwarf at #scenesat IRC channel. I am of normal height, so please don't picture myself as neither dwarf or particulary white. Sure, I don't get that nicelooking tan during summers, possibly a bunch of freckles and red skin, but I am not, I repeat, NOT, an albino ;9 Believe I got the name from a RPG/board game magazine.

I live in Örebro, Sweden together with my lovely girlfriend, our foodloving jack russel terrier, and our 2 months old baby. What do I work with? Computers ofcourse ;) I work at a nordic IT company and have recently been working with VMware, but is now changing focus back to Windows (or according to some, Winblows)

My interests are: My family, music, computers, photography, friends etc.

Being a newly become father, I spend most of time with my family, but every now and then I join #scenesat to terrorize ppl, and occasionaly I also have the time to play around in renoise, which is a new area for me. Sure, I have been playing around in trackers on both C64 and Amiga, but mark the word, PLAYING ;) I am now determined to produce a remix that is good enough to be released on amiga remix or remix.kwed.org, the current idea is to create a medley of a couple of amiga demo songs, but I am not entirely sure if I will do a medley or a remix of just one song, there is a slight risk that creating a medley might take away the focus of the individual songs I want to honour =)

Computers and video games have been an important part for all of my life. My first computer was a C64 (the old model). At first, it was the games that were drawing my attention, but it escalated to programming and being involved in the demo scene, on both the C64 and on the Amiga. I would consider me have being active in the demo scene from late 80's to mid 90's, even though I myself haven't produced anything worth remembering in terms of coding, gfx or music. I have tried all areas, but not excelled in any of these, so I did a little bit of everything. On the amiga i was the founder of the not so known demo groups Ancient Design (we released one intro, btw. there was some other group with the same name, but they went active much later, we were the original ;) Think I did some gfx for that intro. Later on I started the group Fantasy (not to be confused with the US cracking group, this time we were the one's not paying attention to that there already was a group with that name). Fantasy release an intro/demo called Fanta (http://morbidstinger.blogspot.com/2008/11/fanta.html), coded by my friend Morbid/Death Defiers, but as our group lacked skilled coders, all of the musicians joined up with Equinox (creators of the European Top 20 chart mag).

I have been to a bunch of demo parties (Anarchy Eastern Conference, The Party, The Gathering, and some local ones), so there's a chance you might have seen me there, or perhaps received a some demos or games from me during my swapping era ;)

Now and then I start up WinUAE and watch old demos, or some video game emulator to play a classic game. I have really never left the scene, I've just been passive, but thanks to #scenesat it feels like I've become an active scener again =)

Take care all #scenesat'ers, looking forward to know you better =)

2009-02-12, 18:12
Hi folks.
Well... hmm... nah.. I can't say I am part of the scene, even though I really like the most about it.

But to be honest, I did try a few years ago (read it it like is says ages) ago as a musician for a small amiga group me and a selected few of my friends started. It all ended up with one demo, that was never released. :mad: (with good cause I guess)

When it comes to nicks.... I have used several during the years, but without any that stuck for real... (Groo, Moongoose, Psy, Psyche, Khorn, Psygoth and more...)
But from now on I guess Arv will be just fine.

I try now and then to cheat here and there to compose something. But everything I do ends up half finished at best and therefore I perfere to download scene music instead of uploading. :eek:

Anyway... nice being here... cya around

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-02-12, 20:32
arv: wait I thought we voted on 'Flowerpants' ?

I didn't vote but I swear that Noir said that was your nick now.

2009-02-12, 22:42
Ohh... i can't remember... :p Must be all the booze I had before I drove home.
Flower pants?? Like I had jeans with flowers on?? If there are no pictures, there are no proof.. Flower pants... *tsssk* :eek: There are no pictures??? right?? on me... not a single one... I deny everything...
Lucky me there were no web cam recording it... sending it out on the web!!

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-02-13, 22:23
Noir? You have pictures of the flowerpants, yes?

2009-02-16, 16:15
Ok, here goes...Hello, I am Sven from Sweden. I started with computers way, way back in 1982! Here's some of the platforms i've used: ZX81, ABC80, Kompis, C64, Amiga500, Amiga1200 and since 1995, homemade PC's. I've had my nickname Mr.Swede since spring 1989 when I got the lovely A500. There seems to be a few copycats with the same nick but I'm the original :D Love the scene ofcourse. I did some graphics in the beginning before starting to code 68k-assembler. My first demoparty was the Spectre/NorthStar Halloweenparty in Trollhättan 1990.
I still have my A500 and A1200 in the cellar and take them out sometimes for some REEAAAAL nostalgiatrips ;)

2009-02-19, 20:26
Some words about me.. Found out about scene and scenemusic around 2002 - and since that i am nearly listening only to scenemusic, netlabeltunes or remixes :) I am living in Austria, i am 28 years old and really love to listen to music or watch demos all evening long :)

2009-02-20, 21:01
Hey hey hey,

I'm Nikolaos, or Nikkoz on IRC, nice to meet you all *bows*

I got my C64 in the late 80's, and since then I have always tried to make something creative out of computers, mostly programming, but in the bottom I was a kind of an all-rounder, interested in all of the disciplines.

Although I made some of the programming on a demo at a semi-big party over ten years ago, my relation to the demo scene has always been more or less as an observer, enjoying the art, technology and culture.

I have always been an avid NES fan boy, and listening to music, remixes and everything else that is related to that machine. A also spend some time making my own music, even though most of it never leaves my computer :)

For a living, I'm specializing in the field of programming, working on high end console games. I believe that socializing IRL is good and are also an chocolate addict (not so good).

2009-02-21, 22:25
Hi all

I got my first computer back in the late eighties, a C64. After that I got a A1200 in 1994 just when commodore went bankrupt. For several years I was certain that the Amiga would return and claim world dominance. As some might know that didn't happen. ;) Today I sit happily in front of a laptop with changing Linux distributions.

I am not creative in any way. I have programmed a little but that is it. However I have a deep passion for music, and old computers (especially old computer games). I discovered Slayradio through the C64takeaway podcast that i stumpled upon when I searched for old C64 games. Since the Cozy corner was the best show on Slayradio it was natural to start listening to scenesat radio.

I guess I will never become truly involved in the scene, I will probably just join in from time to time and enjoy the work of some talented musicians.

2009-02-23, 17:50

first of all I'm not really a "scener", I just like the music, and some of the demos...

I'm a 20 year old male computer science student from Stuttgart, Germany.
I'm volunteering in two student societies, which both provide teh Internetz to the dorms here in Stuttgart, and because of that I'm fairly familiar with linux networking and Ciscos IOS(basics, you know).

I'm responsible for the nfs, and a bigger Xen server, also I should rewrite the nagios configuration (service and host monitoring) but enough of the nerd stuff.

I like fantasy books, and besides the music on scenesat and SLAYRadio I also listen to metal and ebm.

And I hate writing introductions, so feel honored :P


2009-02-24, 11:01
Hi there, I call myself stupidfat. I first heard about SceneSat from the sidebar on slayradio, and I feel very lucky that I clicked on that link and proceeded to bask in the aural bliss. Great launch show! Haven't heard DHS' mix yet though I look forward to it.

As far as the scene goes I first heard about that through parentally unauthorized AOL subscriptions ;) which gave me access to the internet. I have no clue how I stumbled on hornet and aminet shortly after that. If I make a futile effort at remembering back to 1995 clearly I'd have to say the first material that really wowed me came from dune; a jazzy beachside ballad kind of tune, and also a chiptune mod arrangement of the c64 Bruce Lee by an artist whose name I'll likely never remember. I think I found them by d/l'ing the highest rated songs one by one.

Shortly after, I saw some actual demos for pc/dos which conveniently was what I had running on my comp. Like many others, Future Crew's Second Reality hooked me, providing lots of chills and goosebumps especially during Skaven's tune.

Well let's see; Purple Motion was a member of Five Musicians, whose music I devoured. Basehead more than the others. And the rest of what I know of the scene sprang from these origins.

That was 11 - 14 years ago. I've usually had a large chunk of scene material stored on an hd somewhere. On a side note I've owned and used for gaming a c64 equpped with uncle - supplied boxes of warez since the age of three, which of course locked the sid into my brain. I credit c64 remixers and slayradio for reawakening my interest in the last two years.

2009-03-02, 06:17
I'm Fee1, I'm some guy who's an amateur sound designer. I like rally racing and hockey, somedays I think I should move to Finland because they seem to like rally racing and hockey too.

2009-03-02, 09:59
I'm andr00, from the United States of Aaaaaaagh. When left alone with nothing to do, I write programs (this is also my job, please don't tell them I do it for fun).

My dad brought home the first computer I ever saw when I was 6 years old. It was a Compaq Portable, and I was allowed to type in GWBasic programs that drew (green) things, erased them, and drew them again. At that point I decided I was going to do that for the rest of my life.

Later I got my own computer, a C64. It made extremely awesome noises, which I recorded on cassettes so I could listen to them all the time.

In a few years my dad told me about this new computer being developed called the Amiga, and I saved money to buy one. There was hardly any software available for it at the local stores, so I had to buy imported European Amiga magazines with software included on floppy disks. Some of these disks contained strange graphics and sound things called "demos"...

At that point I got Aegis Sonix and DPaint III. Then I found OTHER ways of getting software and mysteriously got ahold of things like ST and some much higher quality demos. I wrote music for years, and made animations, but never had any contact with other scene people - at least, not that I knew of, I just watched their productions when they finally made it to Hawaii via BBS.

Fast forward to 2008. I went to my first demoparty (NVScene) and realized I was sitting on my hands. Now I am making my first production for release in the whirlwind of Breakpoint 2009.

I heard about Scenesat via my friend Truck, who I had known for several years before someone told me that he liked demos too. This was more than a little surprising.

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-03-04, 20:43
one day Abby says to me when I was discussing mods (which I had/have an extensive collection of) "of course Andr00 has mods as well, he has a SIDstation")

and I went


It's one of those things where I can't find sceners who are living next door to me, or people I'm talking to on a regular basis.

Anyway, somehow, I managed to not talk incessantly to Andr00 about demos and Amigas and so on. Neither of us have any idea how this happened. I think it's partially because everyone who knows both of us is NOT in contact with ANY OTHER PERSON who knows us. It sort of goes like this

/ / | \ \
\ \ | / /

where the lines are how the connections go. A does not know B, C, D, or E.

This is wierd and one of the bizzarre things that happen around Andr00 and myself.

I fully believe that this year at Breakpoint we're going to find out that my uncle and aunt who lived in Hawaii were his neighbors.

(These are the same aunt and uncle who, when I told them about Breakpoint in Bingen, said:
"OH! WE LOVE BINGEN! It's such a lovely wine area, that area, and they have the best wine tasting rooms"
and I went
"dot dot dot wow I was not expecting that")

2009-03-05, 02:36
My name is Liviu from Craiova, Romania. :)

2009-03-26, 10:31
I am young guy who likes demos and the whole scene. I bet no one knows me expect Sir GarbageTruck, because I haven't really been anywhere. Well this is too hard to think of anything about me so I just end this post here. :)

2009-03-27, 23:26
From the USA, name's Samuel, or just Sam. I learned of the demoscene's existence only recently, and I know nothing about music production or coding, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested. ;) I'm here to listen, browse the forums, and maybe actually learn something.

I think I would credit the SNES for my love of computer music. Games like StarFox and Super Nova came with excellent soundtracks, but I was also raised around classical music. I currently listen to anything from Baroque to heavy metal, hymns, Christian contemporary, EBM, industrial, trance, and orchestral pieces. For some reason, though, I don't tend to listen to anything that's too popular - many of my favorite artists are quite obscure.

I've had many nicknames over the years, but most of them came from my gaming experience. It seems no matter what I play, I tend to behave as a Berserker, going wild and charging hard, and I sometimes take defeat too seriously when challenging other players. Since MechWarrior, I've most often been called BloodyWolf or some variation of it, and that definitely reflects my personality when I play. But, many other people use the same name or a similar one, so I came up with InnerNova just recently in an effort to create a name that is uniquely identifiable and used by no one else. It will still probably change, since I never seem to stick with a name for very long. :(

That's all there is to my past... My favorite activities include reading sci-fi novels, drawing in my sketch pad, building with Lego, playing video games, going backpacking in the wilderness, and of course, listening to music. I also like meeting interesting people, and it definitely looks like there are a few here. See you guys around the forums, then.

2009-03-29, 12:41
HED, 23, from France.
I discovered demoscene music in 1995. Became a fan since this day ! I've never been really involved in the scene but here's my story anyway :

I began tracking my own music in 1998 (Some of my tracks were avaliable on the old Traxinspace.). And I began teaching the basics of ModPlug Tracker / demoscene music history to my friends (wrote tutorials & articles).
In the 2000s I did my fair share of webdesigning and graphics competitions. If anyone remembers the Modarchive banner contest in 2001 - mine was one of the finalists ;)

I'm currently working in the military field as developer. In my free time, I try to program my own games & implement my own graphics and tracked music.

I never been to a demoparty it's something I'd really like to do. Will certainly attend Dreamhack summer with my gamer friends ;)

So hello everyone ! And congrats to Scene Sat project ! I'll be happy to hang there and keep the flame alive with you guys.

2009-04-07, 04:43
Recently I was ask by Ziphoid wether I'm already registered here which I definetely wasn't. This acciunt should be the living proof now but it's not the basic reason why I did it now. ;)

On the one hand I want to refer in brief to a thread which I found here:


I cannot judge wether this was an act of a lover or hater (if he was he obviously forget to type my name in caps) but I'm not interested in a teamwork any more although the topic isn't unjustified at all. I even talk with some people about this...long enough but I don't want it any more.

That's all for that. The other thing is that I mainly want to thank John for his exception he made for my friend "Micha" last sunday playing a song for his birthday. He ask me to forward this to him and I decided to do it here because I impute such things very highly.

It was a nice evening and I love the music. It also gives me inspirations and new ideas as well. I think I don't need to introduce myself more precisely here. All I wish is mutual respect in future which doesn't consist of some whispering I get to know sometimes, for example when I play songs from one of your samplers, getting wrong informations or an false song ID which wasn't my fault (thanks for the tip with FF 6).

Also I want to repeat once more that the door is still open for a handshake or just hanging around in the chat or forum. Remember that we also have an english section (http://www.radio-paralax.de/board/board.php?boardid=50) and most users are talking english too. I don't bite and you shouldn't do neither, even if you don't get sometimes what I want to say. ;)

Have a nice day!

2009-04-08, 18:51
Just dropped to say hi.

I'm Kraku. I saw my first demos in the late 80s on a C64. That's when I almost stopped playing games and spent most of my time watching demos. I started actually attending demo parties somewhere in the early nineties.

I've written music most of my life (started in the elementary school). First I wrote stuff with a cheap ass Yamaha PSR-36 but then a friend showed me the SoundTracker. Later I used ScreamTracker 2.x. After that FT2 and then I moved on to HW synths. Around 2003 I went software only and a year ago to a hybrid setup of SW & HW. It's left to be seen how my setup mutates in the upcoming years.

2009-04-10, 22:42

my name is Andreas a.k.a. Amok. Im 33 years old and living in Germany. I have a wife and a 4 years young son who seems to be kinda talented for music... ;)

I never was a part of the demoscene. Although i always loved the demos and intros on the C64 and Amiga. I made some modules on the Amiga 500 with the famous Noise-/ Star-/ and ProTracker but nothing worth to be released or summat. When i was 16 or 17 years old i stopped to make music and in 2008 i restarded accidentally because i stumbled over the MadTracker. It reminds me of the good old Amiga-Trackers... ;)

I made some remixes on RKO and AmigaRemix but nothing serious so far. Im happy to be a small part of "da Scene" and meet some peeps at the SceneSat-IRC, talking shit and so on... ;)


"Keep da Scene alive!!!!"...

2009-04-13, 16:04
Since my english isn't the best, i will reduce this to just some facts :)

real name: Dennis
age: 33
location: germany (near Berlin)

i was never a member of a group, but was always interested in creating things since i can remember...especially in making musix & grafix. found my way to the "Ziph-Net" (SceneSat, SLAY-Radio and so on...) via "Google": April 2008 i finished my first C64 remix and searched for a place to get some useful comments...i found RKO, uploaded my remix and began to love the people floating around there. then i discovered all the other nice sites connected. Now i am here...and i will stay a while, if ya don't mind ;)

Cheers !

2009-04-13, 22:15
Righto then, Best go about introducifyin' meself, I spose...

Name: Simon J. Broome (Not just another Rocky and Bullwinkle joke)
Age: 29 (at writing)
Nationality: British English
Systems Owned: C16/Plus4, C64, Amiga A600, Amiga A1200, Nintendo 64, PC (of course)
Other info: I first got a computer to improve my co-ordination skills, so that I could improve my Handwriting. 20 years later, any I still handwrite in spidery scrawl, but What I write is at least interesting to read. (I hope!) I got into the C64 kinda late ('89/'90), moved up to the Amiga, grabbed an A1200 in the brief period after Escom Bought out Commodore, Eventually saw the writing on the wall, and it was time to go to the PC, and the whole damn world followed.

Favourite C64 Demo: The next demo to use the Vicious SID Routines and VIC Plasmas. But until then, Second Reality 64 and Desert Dream 64. (Yeah, I know, but they're still awesome)
Favourite Amiga Demo:-
ECS: Actually, ECS demos have damn Near Dried up of late, but the original Desert Dream is pretty good. Also JoEs (a raver classic).
AGA: As of Writing, Nature/Traktor's "Jesus Christ Motocross" is the Punky standout for me.
Favourite PC Demo: Of those I can play, AMMB's "Polytoxicowomane", and Napalmcore's "35mm" are awesome, and 35mm is pure summergroove :). Also, I like MFX's Deities (and STS's Remix), Aithien, and Moron, FR-26, 30, and 41, (Which is why I've needed a new comp for the past 2 years) and Fairlight's Track one (Well most of it runs smooth enough). Of those I really *can't* Play, "Masagin", of course, and Cognoscere by MFX. Also, the next really breathtaking demo from anyone.
Favourite Wild Demo: I have to pick *One*? Well, the one i put in my rotation of wildmovies most, is a little Prod called "Realtime Demo Wannabe", by Maxon.

Ending Comment: And remember... SHOOT OR DIE!!! ;)

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-04-14, 16:40
I just want to mention Jesus Christ Motorcross rules.

2009-04-27, 11:24
After I've read so many of your posts, got to "know" who's behind all those nicks... I thought I should introduce myself as well. Since no one knows me anyway....

I'm a 25 years old girl from Bosnia, living in Croatia. Am a civil engineer, building constructions' are my field. But... I like photography more. If you ever meet me anywhere, you'll most likely see me with a huge bag of lenses and a camera. :rolleyes:

Last year around April, I think, I discovered SLAYradio through Reyn's shows, as a geeky friend told me about it. So I came back to the next show... and the next... and here I am today, someone who was never even close to even seeing/meeting the scene, I stay tuned every day. I'm happy I met so many smart and funny people, I'm happy I found all this. :)

And I must say I'm surprised how far SceneSat got. This is good work and congratz to that! Keep it up and good luck. :D
Greetz, Nina. :rolleyes:

2009-05-27, 07:47
- Ran Maximum Entropy BBS (1990 --> 1996)
- Ran The Digital Cafe BBS (1997 --> 1998) NOISE (New Objectives In Sound Exploration) WHQ
- DEJAP Wedding Peach SNES Japanes 2 English Translation (1998)
- http://www.dejap.com/weddingpeach.php
- Maintained Tenchi's NES Archive (1997 --> 1999)
- Anime Densetsu - Asian Games Review Site (1997 --> Present)
- http://www.densetsu.com
- Online Dating: Dotmate
- http://www.dotmate.com
- Rave Canada (1998 --> Present)
- http://www.rave.ca/
- Quiltsco Image Tiling
- http://www.quiltsco.com/

I code interactive websites as my job... I don't know what to do with the money I make...
I throw free rave parties in abandoned buildings... I have not been arrested yet...
I used to write modules with Tetrimed... I was never good...
I collect street and factory signs... I have over 50 different sign...
I drive a scooter... I think everyone who lives in a city should...
I listen to scenesat at work. I become in a trance when I do and work better...
I have problems paying attention to things... I'm always thinking about my code...

More Info: http://nuclear.rave.ca/


2009-06-03, 14:53
Hi to everyone here.

My name is Jane (Janina in fact, but everybody calls me Jane), I’m 26 yrs old and I come from a quite small village in the West of Germany.

I am no scener – not at all… I got in touch with the scene at Breakpoint 2009 for the first time and I was just amazed... about everything, but especially about what all is possible with my old old C64 that I have been using (or better abusing ;-) ) for 19 yrs now.
I got my first own C64 back in 1990 and since that time, I never stopped playing Boulderdash ;-) – but I never did anything more than just playing games.

OutOfMem asked me to come and visit Breakpoint 2009 – so it’s his fault that I’m here… he also recommended SceneSat Radio to me and I just love it… (which I love most are the Cozy Corner Shows :-D )

Guess that was only a start and I will stick to the scene – even if I’m only kinda lurker… (but maybe this will change some day ;-) )

2009-06-09, 20:37
Hi my name's, Katz, well that's not my real name of course, my real name's Kathryn LJ.
As you all know, I'm a person of few words.....


2009-06-09, 21:26
Ok, I'm Katz, Kathryn, I was bred as a kitten in northern Wales, near Chester and a little later lived nearby in the north west of England until a few years ago I moved with family to central England. I'm currently <sigh> 32.
My involvement with the scene, I first started listening to scene composed music modules in 1990, I was so in awe of the music I wanted a go myself, so I began composing music on a tracker, protracker, back in 1992.
I first started releasing my music to the scene in 1994 to a small group comically called Alectronic Farts, hehe I know. After that in 1995 I co-formed Area-51 and remained in that group for many years, til 2002. I also joined Vortex in 1997 and worked on some music for the scene mag Hugi, my tracks featuring in a couple of their issues. Also during the 90s I composed several tracks for different game companies from F1 licenseware to full on companies, including Enortic, Agas, Team17, Darkware & Z-Soft. I also did some music for PD stuff and various diskmags and short run specialist 'chillout' CD's.
I stopped composing in 2002 and came back to it in 2008, where I started doing some remixes, but really my heart is in original composing, I get a little frustrated with remixes sometimes because I see great directions for the songs to go in, but going those routes would take the song far too far away from the original.
Finally, I am recently getting back into freelance music work and am currently working on various commercial projects and a couple of scores for TV work.

I won't blabber on and bore you all, someone else can do that instead (:

Thanks for reading.

2009-06-20, 10:29
Hi. Malmen here. I hang around in scenesat alot. I'm also not very good at writing about myself but well. I'm a music composer, and I use either Reason for rendered music, or Milkytracker for the modules that i make. I make lots and lots of music..

I live in Sweden and I am a pretty ordinary guy.

I dont bite. :)

2009-06-24, 09:29

i'm Noisefever. real name daniel. my first demo was "in the kitchen" from anarchy, and since that i'm addicted to the scene :D i started making music with protracker on an amiga 500. but that never satisfied me. nowadays i produce my music with FL Studio. much better :)
most of my time "in the scene" was inactive, i have to admit... but i were on every breakpoint since 04 :D

2009-07-03, 13:56
Hey there, nice thread you guys got going here.. I thought I'd just jump in and give it a go myself while I'm at it! ;)

My name is Cristian, 26 this year and live in a town called Lidköping in Sweden.
I've always been a fan of computer/game music in general, I guess it all started with the C64 then over to the Amiga back in the days. I got completely blown away by watching some demos on the Amiga, and ever since then been a big fan of it, especially the Amiga has a special place in my heart, even though i love the C64 aswell. ;)

A few years ago i started to listen to Slay Radio regularly, and one day I tuned in and noticed they were playing a lot of really nice smooth tracks, and I really liked it, so I looked it up and found out that it was the Cozy Corner with Ziphoid.
So since then I've been downloading basically all of the shows along with the On Air ones and listened to them plenty of times when I'm at work, which is perfect! :D
I've been tuning in here ever since the beginning of Scenesat, but not always as a registered member thou.

Anyway right now I'm (hopefully temporary) unemployed like so many others here in Sweden, but before that i worked as an EBW :confused:(electron beam welding) machine operator at a company that makes different kinds of saw blades.

Long live the scene!

2009-07-07, 10:42
Hi, everyone! Thought it was time to introduce myself. :) My name is Anna and if you’ve read the thread about the creative process, you already know that I’m not one of the music makers. I was introduced to this kind of music by John when he still was a DJ at Slay Radio and of course I followed him to SSR.
I’m an anthropology student, currently up in the northern parts of Sweden in a small town called Jokkmokk, doing fieldwork and working at the hostel while working at my thesis that hopefully will be finished soon. My biggest interest is photography, preferably nature photography, and I’ve been taking pictures since I got my first camera at 8-9 years old. Jokkmokk is quite near the World Heritage area of Laponia, and I’m hoping to get some time off to go hiking in the mountains with my camera, because the nature is very beautiful up here! It almost takes your breath away.
I really like the music played here and are so grateful that it is possible to download a lot of the tracks. It makes the more boring part of my job less boring with this music playing on the iPod. :)

2009-08-01, 15:45
So, guess i got to introduce myself then, eh..
well, I'm Kepler!

'82 model! Born, Raised and Live in Norway.

I've been into the demoscene since '99 when i got my first PC and started making noises in Fasttracker 2, that was also the first year i attended The Gathering.

I'm currently studying sound engineering at NISS in oslo, and is an active musician,

I discovered slay radio trough the "mastering swedish"-clips that were spread like.. well.. everywhere, and started hanging there a couple of years back, then Ziphoid suddenly invitet me to a dodgy channel with a lot of weird, creepy people.. which suited me just perfect.

that's about it methinks!

2009-08-02, 01:39
...I'm currently studying sound engineering at NISS in oslo, and is an active musician...

Welcome to the SceneSat madness... :) Maybe you wanna do some mastering jobs to get deeper into your studies...? ;)

2009-08-04, 16:33
hi i'm fritske 30 yrs from Belgium
got into all this thing a few years ago when a friend told me about emulators when we had a conversation on what games we used to play as a kid and pretty soon after downloading lots of c64 games i discoverd the existance of demo's and the 1st time i saw a 3d thing moving on a c64 (emu) i really fell of my chair and i wasen't drunk (yet). ever since i watch some c64, amiga and pc demo's once in a while and every time i'm amazed by them and one thing led to another so i ended up here :) recently i started trying to do some remixes of sid's on my own using madtracker and i have 2 so far (with 2 versions of each) wich you can find on my page. to this day i still have my 1st c64 in a box somewhere but unfortunatly it's broken since i was 15 but i still refuse to do it away. i might put it in a glass case with a light on it and hang it on the wall or something but thats probably a 20 year plan

well i think that's about it
c u

2009-09-07, 11:26
my name is Klas Benjaminsson aka Prowler :) Pixel/Graphic artist from Sweden.
I've been active in the scene since '93 and have worked with various productions (games, disc-mags, music disks, intros, demos, etc).
Groups: Pointless, Passion, Scoopex, Citron., Up Rough.

Portfolio on bomb.se:

Prowler on facebook:

Collection for download:

2009-09-11, 23:38
HI, i'am CZ-Tunes from germany.

I'am 35 years old and i like to play old games and listen to their great music's

If i had time i try to remix some tracks.

The C and the Z stands for the first letters of my real name.

Sorry for no more infos,but my english is too bad.

Keep da scene alive.

nice greets


2009-09-12, 22:46
Welcome abord, Mr. CZ-Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunes :D

2009-10-27, 19:52
Okay, so here it goes.
I'm Carl Petter, 22 year old and from the neighbours of Sweden.. yeah, I guess you named it, Norway.
Some of you might remember me from the time over at Slayradio by the nick Zeronine there too doing some requests and listening to the radio. So I'm not really a new face in this.

I just started learning the basics of FL Studio and I'm interested in making some remixes when I get the hang of things. Hopefully I'll can serve the community as some of the remixers in here have done for ages (or maybe it just seems like it? :P)
I've always had a heart for the C64 and afterwards the Commodore Amiga and still have an A4000 here. :)
Not much more to write, a guy that likes the music and the games from the old days. Everything brings back good old memories.
I guess that's all, at least for now.

Greetings from Norway! ;)

2009-11-26, 14:10
Umm, oh, I might need to write few words here.

So I'm Jenni (yes, that's my real name as well), born in 1983 and currently lurking in Helsinki, Finland. Ended in demoscene by accident in 2001 and have been touring demoparties since. Since I can't code, draw or do music, my contribution to scene has been in organizing some parties.

I'm not sure how I actually ended up here. After AltParty 2009, I was coming from job interview in central Helsinki when I (almost literally) bumped into Truck and bunch of never-seen-before sceners with him (which later were identified as Nerve, mayor, Ziphoid and that-one-British-guy-whose-nick-I-always-forget). So me and Truck dragged them down to our secret headquarters (aka Skeneklubi), had a nice chat with peeps for half' n' hour or so and off they went back to Sweden (and Norway. And UK).

Next week someone of Truck/Ziph/mayor mentioned this site and IRC channel and was like "Come here", so now I'm here. I have no major function other than just to hang around and tell tasteless jokes. One has to have a purpose in life! ;) \o/

So do come and say 'Hi', I won't bite :)

2009-12-04, 00:55
DJ - great to have you here... :) and thx for the compliment :o

2009-12-05, 19:09
My name is Christian. I'm from Germany. My hobbies are music (create and listen, playing synthesizer and e-guitar), PC (sound programming, unix programming especially OpenBSD, creating graphics etc.), watching movies, make sports etc. I work IRL as security network and server administrator, implement protocolls for our customers, planings, support, hardware and so on. :-)

My computer history:

1985 Atari 2600
Just play games

1986 C64 with datasette and floppy.
Play games, programm basic and hex-listings, graphic pixeling via amica paint, koala paint and joystick. Compose sounds via romuzak, soundmonitor and deltamusic.

1989 Amiga 500
Play games, programm a little bit assembler (where is my amiga hardware references manual?), paint logos with deluxepaint, compose music with soundtracker, noisetracker, protracker for some discmags, demos and trsi cracktros. I visited some demo parties in Germany.

I left the demoscene, because I found a girlfriend. :-)

2010-01-17, 00:03
My name is Devlin.
23 from the UK.

I've never been involved really in the scene past listening to the music and watching demos. (my favourite is Sanity's Arte from the 90s)

I'm a former coder, now I stick to doing pixels for people, and the occasional drawing.

I made a few games that can be found on my website.

2010-01-20, 05:56
Hi all, I know some of you, and you may know me from the C64 Walkabout emulation blog and podcast. Great site you have here!

2010-02-18, 12:39
Erik McClure here - accidentally stumbled on this site after googling for one of my songs. I initially registered with the intent of saying "Determination is falsely credited to me" but it turns out its such an old song I forgot it existed, so now I feel silly 8D.

Dunno what the criteria for songs being downloadable is, but all my songs are released under the creative commons so they're all free downloads anyway.

Mitch van Hayden
2010-02-23, 18:23
Hi Folks,

my name is Mitch van Hayden (the artist formerly known as DJ Mitch ;) ). I'm 35 Years old and I live in Germany in a lovely town called Essen (the european capital of culture 2010). I'm a real computer nerd from 8Bit to 64Bits, a enthusiastic online gamer and (surprise!! =) I love electronic music! :cool:

In the last months I worked at several projects. First of all: I'm the video and sound artist in a fanstatic mod team called black monkeys (http://www.blackmonkeys.de/?cat=11). We're about to create a star wars modification for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare; it's named Galactic Warfare.

I did and still do all the sound stuff for this mod, including the music. You can download the full Galactic Warfare soundtrack here (http://www.blackmonkeys.de/?p=2519).

Last October I did a remix of Katy Perry's Hot'n'Cold. You can watch the video clip at YouTube:


Furthermore I'm still remixing SID and MOD tunes. Last weekend RKO released three brand new tracks: Beginning, Heli Jagd and Ground.
For more informations just visit my homepage http://www.dj-mitch.de/ or join me at myspace (http://www.myspace.com/mitchvanhayden) and LastFM (http://www.lastfm.de/music/Mitch+van+Hayden).

>>> THX4ATTENTION <<< I'm glad to be here!



2010-02-23, 18:58
Erik McClure here - accidentally stumbled on this site after googling for one of my songs. I initially registered with the intent of saying "Determination is falsely credited to me" but it turns out its such an old song I forgot it existed, so now I feel silly 8D.

Dunno what the criteria for songs being downloadable is, but all my songs are released under the creative commons so they're all free downloads anyway.
Hey Erik and welcome. Your songs have been set as downloadable now and in a not too distant future, you'll be able to manage them and the info regarding them by yourself, since this is a functionality that is still in development. The criteria for tracks to be downloadable from our site is that we have the artists permission to let them be downloadable no matter how freely available they are elsewhere, so since we now have yours, hence they are. :)

2010-02-23, 21:34
Welcome Eric and Mitch :)

2010-12-05, 08:34
Hi guys! I'm Ken, aka PhoenixWright, one of the Admins for the Electro Freaks (an online community of electro music fans originally founded at thesixtyone.com, though we've since moved away from that site). As you may surmise, I'm a big electronic music fan so it's only natural I'd find my way here. :)

I first heard about this site when The Sound of SceneSat Volume 1 (http://scenesat.com/getsos) was released - but I don't recall who/how/what linked me here. I think it might have been the C64 Takeaway? Anyway, love the compilation and loving the radio station too. I'm a long-time fan of the remix community (OC ReMix, Remix64, etc) as well as independent electronic music generally. Well I figured I should sign up, introduce myself, etc. :D

Just to give a little something back to your community, feel free to check out the Electro Freaks' two free compilations, both available at our Bandcamp page. One is from 2009, Two is from October 10, 2010.

(I don't want to intrude too much but do you guys think it'd be OK if I posted about those albums in a separate thread? As a newbie I don't want to overstep myself. ;))

Anyway, cheers from sunny Southern California, and see you all around!

2010-12-11, 22:49
Hi there, PhoenixWrightEF! Welcome!
Thanks for sharing the album link. I look forward to hearing it! :)

2011-08-14, 03:21
Hey you all!

I'm Steven, a graphic designer in Indianapolis. I have been interested in the scene, demoscene, mod music, chip music, computer music, all that good stuff, since around 1999 when download speeds were terrible and instead of getting MP3s I wanted MODs, because they were faster to download and sounded a lot better and were most always instrumental! I have donated to the Mod Archive at least once and I believe I donated once to Scene.org, so soon enough I'll send some funds this way too since it's a very high quality net station!

By being a big fan of scene stuffs, I appreciate gaming (retro and otherwise) and the geek culture that is sometimes associated with it. I find there is a lot of fun things going on in these groups, and someday I'd like to go to a demoparty and get a real interaction with a lot of the fine folks still producing these great pieces!

Anyhow, if you want to know a bit more about me, I have info and most online links to myself at http://www.shepriffic.com/pf. It's my design portfolio, but at the bottom are links of me in the internetlands.

Thank you for reading, and we'll chat soon!

2011-08-16, 03:17
Hello! Welcome aboard!

2011-10-27, 04:27
Scener since '95... to '99. I decided to come back and continue where I left off in '99, make cool graphics and demos but I suck at making music so hopefully you guys will be able to hook me up with some nice tracks:)
I'm a member of good old DESiRE. My original groups don't exist anymore - Hellcore, Grinders and Mosaic and it's a damn shame because I'm missing people I knew back in the 90's especially one of my best
demoscene-friends DeeKay of Grinders who was brutally murdered.
I was interested in the demoscene since i was 12 years old.

2012-01-02, 15:23
Name's Da1m0n. *chews on cigar and looks way cool*

OK, no, really, I'm just your average guy. Actually, not even that. :P :)

Found this place while googling for C64/Amiga-based radio stations to listen to in Winamp...and of course I just fell in love with the SceneSat stream. W00t!

I dunno what else to say about me...so...yeah. Happy 2012 btw!

2012-04-26, 22:53
Well, hello there everyone (waves to forum).

For some reason, I was admitted (winks at assembled readers). I answer most often online to Danie or Rainbowchazer; when writing, I'm Wordchazer. Offline and on, I'm FeliceMaggie's other half, co-opted into scene stuff because he is often at parties and meetings. Apart from Scenesat and demoscene/retrotech/digital arts, I dig electronica generally, especially Jarre and Oldfield, (Ziphoid, helloooooo, you're on my playlist!) cats, polar bears, words, proofreading and grammar, databases and addresses. Yes, I'm odd! I also enjoy watching compos, demos and all the effects, particularly fractals, Mandelbrot sets and fun stuff involving pixelated demos. I have a neat sideline in editing and freelance proofreading; my weekday work shuttles between insurance applications and invoicing for an academic publisher.

I write often and as much as possible, mainly retroscene, transport, travel and event reviews. My current publications include portfolios on websites Suite101 and Squidoo, a guest blog spot on RetroGT and both writing and, so I hear, Deputy Editor status on the newly launched RetroComputingNews, where my first article will appear shortly. (That's as soon as I can write it around the mound of editing and social life which I must negotiate in the next few days...)

And in the meantime, Felice has made supper so I should go and eat it...

2012-05-17, 17:05
Just another listener has landed on the satellite. Hello from germany! Keep up the good work. You're one of my favourite stations.:)

2013-02-05, 03:48
Hello all. I'm Holger from GDR. The same story told otherwise: A friend reached a copy of the mod tracker Creator to me in the early 90's. With a GUSpnpPro I penetrated digitracker a long time, followed by Buzz and now it's Reason. I wasnt a good musician and thats the reason I couldnt stop doing it. I was beginning tons of tracks, never finnished one of it for comercial releases. So if someone says it's a reedit of a song found at his homepage 5 years ago - no I'm still editing. My projects handle is aquacord. I never used a static personal handle, so aqu is a compromise till finding one. My coding skill is nothing worth to be proud of. Sure, I autodidacted in a lot of directions, so I know a little of everything. Solving problems is often a moodmaker in my case. I found the demo scene in spreaded exe files and when randomly loading files in the modtracker, looking for raw sample data. (:

I like the humor, the mood, the music, the internationalism, the independend free art of the demo scene. Scenesat is of course one of my favorite stations. I am an active alive sofa scener. : )

2013-09-06, 21:26
I feel it is time to introduce myself to the community with a proper introduction.

My name is Francis, alias is Sellbars. I was born and raised in Canada, and currently reside in British Columbia. Currently I am a high school student in the 12th year. Some interests I have include computers (such as hardware, software, troubleshooting), fitness, photography, and music.

I found SceneSat Radio through browsing high-fidelity streams that were 320kps and above from Tunein Radio. This happened to be the first 320kps radio I have ever tried, and soon felt strong attraction to the demoscene and the various genres hosted on the stream, such as Goa Trance, Psytrance, Ambient, New Age/Jazz, Chiptunes, C64 remixes, and more. I have used this stream far more often than any other stream (and no longer listen to anything else), and have enjoyed it since 2008, although I created a forum account in 2012 to start queuing tracks. I have then since voted on many tracks and commented (along with the mood voting), and enjoy queuing very old tracks or never played tracks on the rotational simply to vote and comment when given the time.

Some time after my first exposure of SceneSat Radio, I soon came into the Show Archives and started browsing them. I soon started listening to Ziphoid's Cozy Corners frequently (probably used reLive for all of them). I also ended up listening to both the SceneSat Volume 1 and 2 (in FLAC, of course), and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Probably the most desired tracks to queue on the rotational are the WIPs from Johan Krafft (mostly the piano based ones) and the very old tracks that appear greyed out.

A few small goals I have on SceneSat are listening to all the tracks (around 6,650), voting, and commenting on them all, being active in the community when possible, listening through all the shows that have been archived, having the whole rotational in some personal music library (not to forget, all the shows that are archived, or in a playlist if possible), and any other exclusive tracks not playable.

I hope that gives some more insight into who who I am, along other details. Thank you for reading ;)

2015-06-18, 12:30
Hello everyone. I don't usually hand around on forums, but i thought I would come and check this out.

My names Joe, and I most commonly go by the name CanisCanine. I am a Artist who specializes in digital drawing/painting, as well as 3D modelling and Animation. I study video games development at University. I enjoy making prop models and scenes. I wouldn't mind trying my hands at a demo, i just don't know anyone.

I believe I found Scenesat about 5 ish years ago, about the same time I learnt about the demoscene. I stumbled upon it after trying to find C64 and Amiga music from demos i was watching. I couldn't figure out this site at all at the time, so I never came here very much and ended up on nectarine more often then not. It wasn't until the past year, or half a year that i started using SceneSat over nectarine. I still love nectarine and the people on there though and maybe i will use it more, but for the moment i'm not really looking for more Amiga/C64 stuff.

Anyway. I'm not really sure what else to really say about me, i don't think i'm really that interesting.

2016-04-29, 21:42
My name is Fernando Martín. I am Retrofan at the English Amiga Board too. I'm the developer of the AmiKit conversion that runs in real amigas, AKReal or AmiKit Real. I've just released -yesterday- an update in which I add some sites streaming mods. You can listen to them with an emulated or real Amiga. I didn't know about this site, but I've just made an icon-script that can run your streaming and play there. Unfortunately the only icon that looks right so small is the image of the Satellite with a black background, I hope you won't mind.

I want to know if there is any problem if I add the streaming of SceneSat in my next -can take 9 months like this last- AKReal update.


2017-11-22, 23:50
Hey there! The name's Mike, but sometimes I go by "Digital Mic" (I know, totally cool nickname)
Total dork, self taught keyboardist and musician! Forgot how I came across scene sat, but I thought the music was neat, and the people people here seem really cool.

Anyways, glad to get to know yall and be a part of the community

2018-02-13, 15:09
Hello all!

I'am Petra,
Nice to be part of this group :)

2018-02-21, 16:16
Hi all!

New member here!
Glad to be part of the group :)
Very interested in all the spacecrafts and what is going on above us.