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2009-02-12, 14:05

In this thread you can share your current top 5 favourite tracks (C64 or Amiga remixes).
Can be fun to see what kind of tracks other ppl appreciate, and perhaps
find some new nice music that you were unaware of =)

Here are the 5 tunes I enjoy most at the moment (in no particular order):

LMan - Don't Leave Me Baby
J Krafft - Fist 2 Four Degrees Dub RMX
Marcel Donné - Sweet
Tron - Hot Mommas (Agressive STD Remix)
Peter W feat. Slaygon - I Love My 64

2009-02-12, 15:39
1 - dafunk 6581 (rko)
2 - daxx perhaps the electrohouse whatsit club mix thingie (amiga remix)
3 - peacemaker suicide commando of a green beret (rko)
4 - siamey highwind throwdown (found at vgmix.com)
5 - terminal storm chordian (rko)

2009-02-12, 22:24
My top 5 C64 remixes that are on RKO in no particular order:
Moog (Sebastian Bachlinski) - Tristesse
Thomas 'DRAX' Mogensen and Tom Roger Skauen - Poison
Marcel Donne - Sweet
Mixer - Thrust (found on c-tape)
Machinae Supremacy - Sidology 2 Trinity

2009-02-24, 10:33
My current top 5 c64 remixes in no meaningful order

Joe [Stainless Steel] Barwick - Lazity - Deexity
Mordi - Agent X2
Stanislaw Ostaszewski - Resolution
Moog - Camel Funk
Jurek Raben - Supernerd Lightforce Remix

2009-02-27, 21:23
In no order:

o2 - Nemesis the Warlock
LMan - Turrican I End Titles (Death Of Optimus Prime)
Chris Abbott - Lightforce 2000
Markus Schneider & Mahoney - Sweet (feat. Elsa & Karin)
moog (Sebastian Bachlinski) - Tristess
X-formZ - Consummation [Consummation of ambience]
Mordi - Plastic Pop (I Miss You mix)
FeekZoid - Something Stranger

.....OUUUPS sorry.....only five? There's so many;)

2009-03-03, 03:15
Aw, do they have to Amiga or C64? I'm going to include gaming remixes in general!

1: Eric Barker - Burmecian Spirit; Amazing piece of music, my favourite traditionally composed song ever in the history of things. I'd love to hear it on Scenesat someday (http://www.loudceilingfans.com/crap/burmecian_spirit.mp3) ;) OH! Speak of the devil! Jenova for Classical Piano just came on, it's by Eric Barker AKA Noir, as well.
2: Reyn Ouwehand - Green Beret; We've all heard it. One of the most well presented pieces of music I've ever seen/heard!
3: Ziwtra - Rain in Chicago; Very laid back, easy to listen to tune.
4: Nada - Paperboy; Such a fly tune! So easy to chill to this one.
5: PPOT - Comic Bakery (Boy Band Remix; So corny, but so awesome!

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-03-04, 20:32
as far as I'm concerned, they could be remixes of anything, including Atari, Speccy, and Apple ][.

However, anyone even suggesting that a Choking Hippo song is any good by itself, um, I'm going to have issues with (:

That said:

Some of the best remixes ON an Atari were the MSG remixes of the chu-chu rocket game from Dreamcast, for the Atari ST version of Chu-Chu Rocket. Which is a complete conversion to the Atari ST, complete with (from the webby site)

* Exclusive Sid Music - musician MSG has composed 13 unique Sid-Sound tunes for this title

Now, I'm not sure it's a SID - it is more than likely an emulated Sid-type thing. But that's for people who want to argue stupid details. The tunes are AWESOME, and I'd put them in my top 25 remix tunes. (Not exactly sure they're EXACT remixes, they're more, um, inspired-by, but definately along the lines of a damn fine remix.)


So in answer to your question: As far as I'm concerned, they can be remixes of any type, from any system, ON any system.

(Joegeir/Bug : Fred Editor : remix of Dunn's Robocop tune. Used in my favorite Razor cracktro for the Amiga: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSiew-mU0Ks )

(Yes, you've seen me describe that intro whenever the tune is brought up. There are certain cracktros that I can describe in exquisite detail. This is one of them (: )