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Sir Garbagetruck
2009-02-12, 20:40
Since, well, I mean... how could I not put up a corresponding 'top 5 demo tracks' to the 'top 5 remix tracks' bit.

Of course, I should start, but no. I won't. I'll hold out and see what YOU GUYS say first, and then, after a while, I'll reply.

Also: if you are thinking "But I don't want to reply!" think again, because you really don't want me to reply FOR you. (:

2009-02-13, 00:36
Whoa, this is not easy. There are quite a few.

*hmmm* Ok, in no particular order, and these are the ones I favor right now:

Blaizer - StarStruck
Paniq - Masagin
Little Bitchard - Choose Zero Polys and Shaders
kb - The Product
Dane - Edge of Disgrace

2009-02-13, 02:14
Travolta - Condom corruption (where my love began)
Amusic - Animal Attraction
wayfinder - the popular demo
kb - candytron
crystal score - please the cookie thing

2009-02-13, 12:45
This is going to be hard indeed.. I'll just post the demos in which i liked the music. :)

"the popular demo" by farbrausch
"state of the art" by spaceballs
"masagin" by uh.. farbrausch?
"IV - racer" by the lost souls
"liquid lust" by fairlight

2009-03-05, 10:08
I can't even remember them all. Geez.. what plays in my head when it's quiet?

4-mat - Madness Pt 2 B
Groo - the song from Stars: Wonders of the World
Estrayk - Euphonik
Gloom - the song from Thermo Plastique
Paniq - Masagin

Or maybe static's song from the 1990 "Vectory" Rebels demo, which is called "plntarm.mod" as far as I can tell. That was the first mod I tried covering.

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-03-05, 10:46
Groo - Oohla.
Gloom - oddly enough, called 'Thermo Plastique' (: ( http://www.scene.org/~gloom/ )

and I had actually MISSED the Vectory90 demo... apparently you had a path to Amiga demos I didn't find! Damn you! (:

That one is pretty much along the lines of 'Nice Wet and Mean' by Trixal/Cryptoburners: it will always be the best mod ever, period, in my mind. I don't think many people agree with me on that (:

2009-03-24, 06:03
... 'Nice Wet and Mean' by Trixal/Cryptoburners: it will always be the best mod ever, period, in my mind. I don't think many people agree with me on that (:

No one will ever agree on the best mod ever, it'll never happen. If I had to name one, I'd probably put 4-mat's "Share and Enjoy", but then, I love chiptunes, and 4-mat's the original master, in my mind. As far as demo music goes, this is my biased list, mostly swayed by the fact I'm basically a PC-Scener:

Second Reality - FutureCrew
1995 - Little Bitchard/mfx
moralhardcandy - Blasphemy
Trip - Maelcum/KFMF
Nonstop Ibiza Experience - dune/Orange

I used the demo names instead of song name since this more about the production than the song itself, but the music is what did it for me in each of these demos, especially Second Reality. When I first heard it on my dad's GRiD laptop with crazy-ass MediaVision sound card, way back when, it was amazing to me. I'd never really heard anything like it before, and the demo itself blew me away. It'll always be a classic in my heart.