View Full Version : Carbon Based Lifeforms LIVE @ Cosmonova

2009-11-21, 00:53
On the evenings of November 27th and 28th, Carbon Based Lifeforms and Cosmonova invite you to a unique audiovisual experience with Cosmonova's 15,000 watt sound system and giant 760 square meter dome. During the 45-minute long concert Carbon Based Lifeforms will be featuring, among other things, three new tracks from their upcoming third album while visual interpretations of the music are shown on the dome.

The visualisations are produced by Cosmonova's astronomer and producer, Tom Callen.

Cosmonova is the biggest planetarium and the only IMAX cinema in Sweden and gives an amazing experience which this also will become, for sure.

We will try to get a short interview with Johannes and Daniel after the concert but it of course depends on their availability.

Thanx to them, we have also added their two albums (http://scenesat.com/act/Carbon%20Based%20Lifeforms) to the rotational here on SceneSat and there will be more happenings surrounding them in the future, for sure.

See more at their official homepage (http://www.carbonbasedlifeforms.net/) or on the website of Cosmonova / Swedish Museum of Natural History (http://www.nrm.se/en/menu/visitthemuseum/cosmonova/carbonbasedlifeforms.10661_en.html).