View Full Version : Numerica Demoparty - Montbelliard, France

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-02-12, 21:02
Website (featuring the invite movie:)


(go here if you cannot understand French and need the invite movie in English, tho it sounds better in French)

Will feature a democompo, a music compo, live music acts, and a chance to find out what French parties are like. I haven't been to a French party yet so this will be my first one, and undoubtably it will be different than parties elsewhere. I'm not sure if it will be more like a Swiss party or more like it's own sort of thing. Come find out with me!

Does allow remote entries, for those who are thinking 'hmm. how do I get started without leaving my house?'

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-02-23, 15:03
Music competition update :

Remix compo
- Remix the Numerica Art Party#2 music theme
- Accepted audio formats : MP3, OGG, FLAC
- Max duration : 3:30, longer tracks will be faded-out after 3:30
- Audio playback will be performed with Audacity

Datas :
- Original soundtrack (http://willbe.planet-d.net/numerica_artparty2/remix_competition/willbe-numerica_artparty2_theme.mp3')
- WAV sample-pack (http://willbe.planet-d.net/numerica_artparty2/remix_competition/willbe-numerica-artparty2-remix-wav-pack.zip )
- Reason 4 source song (http://willbe.planet-d.net/numerica_artparty2/remix_competition/willbe-numerica-artparty2-remix-compo.rns.zip )