View Full Version : Live at Birdie 2008 Shows (part 1 & 2)

2009-02-13, 15:22
I haven't found any playlist about these shows so I need help to identify 2 tracks:
They are not hard to find because there are simply the opening tracks of part 1 & 2.
Please what's the name and the author of the very first track of Birdie Live Show part 1 (it's a rythmic and dynamic track) and also Birdie Live Show part 2 ??
Can anyone help me?


2009-02-13, 15:28
Part 1: Cyreon - Sargasso
Part 2: Cordis - 4677890 (Original I'm In Your Drumkit, Wasting Your Time Mix)

These shows will soon be available for download from the site again, including playlists.

2009-02-14, 14:12
Great! :D
I've got them now on my hardrive.
Awesome tunes!!!

Thank you Ziphoid.

2009-03-02, 07:32
Nice shows and funny to listen to them live at the Party Place :p