View Full Version : New Melodyne DNA - AMAZING!

2009-12-05, 19:27
The new Melodyne DNA (Direct Note Access) will surely revolutionarize the way we're manipulating audio, check out the link, amazing, no one believed this was possible:


2009-12-10, 09:56
Hmm. It sure looks impressive. I still remain skeptical whether it works so neatly in reality.

That video was uploaded mid-2008 and it says the technology is scheduled for autumn 2008. So does it actually work now?

2009-12-10, 16:40
Just have a look at http://www.celemony.com/cms/index.php?id=editor_betavideo :)

...and to be honest... ...it's CRAZILY amazing!

2011-05-13, 19:57
I recently got a hold of DNA, and it's pretty amazing stuff. I've used it for some guitar-chord samples mainly, which has yielded fantastic results.

Also, I use Melodyne's effect-plugin to edit vocals/samples directly in FL Studio. \o/ Before I got it I'd have to exit FL because of ASIO-conflicts.