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2009-12-13, 23:55
Ok, time for a new show here on SceneSat. This will be a recurring show, but we still haven't decided on how often it will happen. Probably quarterly or bi-monthly, but that is actually up to you, since this is the show where we present the tracks you have voted as the best ones for a certain period of time. Do tune in and enjoy, but make sure to vote as much as possible to make this an interesting show!

2009-12-14, 01:45
Ha. Nice idea. :) Tuning in for sure.

2009-12-18, 03:46
!agree Byproduct
Sputnik sees that PsychNerD couldn't agree more with Byproduct...

2010-01-08, 02:56
Really great show, my friend! :) I enjoyed it very much! Almost all of my favourites were on the list, so I will definitely keep voting! Perhaps there will be a #30 instead of #25?? :)

Sir Garbagetruck
2010-01-08, 17:00
I guess I'm dismayed a bit, as out of the list of the top, only 2 (and maybe a half... Shades MIGHT sort of count; Elwood's tune MIGHT sort of count...) were demoscene tunes. And one was a remix.

I fully understand we're bringing other things into the demoscene mix, and we're not a 100% only demoscene, 100% only oldschool, 100% only tracked, or similar genre-forcing radio. I _like_ that we have various mixes of things. Heck we even have stuff I detest on the rotational. This is good. BUT. I would like to see us, ya know, have a bit more demoscene involvement. The demoscene makes a HECK of a lot of music, and a good portion of it is quality, so it's a bit ... dismaying not to see that reflected in our list.

I also figure this is partially my fault for not doing more shows, so obviously I need to do more shows.

Perhaps we need to do something to 'weight' some songs - after all, folks familiarity with c64 game tunes or snes game tunes may cause a particular tune to be given more 'props' than a straightforward composition. Maybe that would make an interesting comparison, but not such a great thing for 'every' show.

Perhaps we should just leave it as is and do ANOTHER show that focuses on the top 5 demoscene tunes, but ... you watch, if that happens, I'll complain because it's always the same top tunes and there isn't enough variety.

I guess what I'm really saying is I dislike popularity, as it infringes on people's ability to experience innovation.

( Yet I like statistics (: )

I _am_ happy that my favorite Elwood track, which normally people tell me is the one they like the LEAST, made the top 25. And, well, I do know that one track will be featured in the upcoming Mindcandy 3 demo DVD. Actually, I think 2 of them are on it. So I guess you know WHICH TWO huh.

Ah well. I need to work on getting a show ready, perhaps for next week. Yes let's just see if I can't get one organized and set up for next week. (Organized means a bit more preparation on my part.)

2010-01-11, 23:33
The vote counting system made it interesting, I was expecting to see other tunes in the top but I'm definitely not complaining. Great show, hoping to get more of these in the future.