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2009-02-17, 23:12
Tears of my Heart.mp3 (http://mordi.ziphoid.com/data/music/work_in_progress/Tears%20of%20my%20Heart.mp3) <-- Thinking lyrics for this one. Maybe?

Promises.mp3 (http://mordi.ziphoid.com/data/music/work_in_progress/Mordi%20-%20Promises%20(Steinberg).mp3) <-- Definitely need lyrics here. It misses something. Maybe a tad too samey throughout.

Lightforce.mp3 (http://mordi.ziphoid.com/data/music/work_in_progress/Mordi%20-%20Lightforce.mp3) <-- Did this one last year sometime. Never bothered to work more on it.

Poison.mp3 (http://mordi.ziphoid.com/data/music/work_in_progress/Mordi%20-%20Poison%20WIP.mp3) <-- This one I also kinda gave up. Doesnt sound good.

Arpeggio.mp3 (http://mordi.ziphoid.com/data/music/work_in_progress/Mordi%20-%20Arpeggio%20Remix.mp3) <-- Absolutely hideous chord-change here :p Also very mediocre overall. Not sure how to make it better.

2009-03-04, 10:37
Nice stuff there...

1st one is nothing special until 2:20 :D ...it starts off very slow (i thought it could be good for elevator music ^^)...but then it gets a lot better. It needs some work and stuff to be placed...maybe lyrics could do the trick ;) Finish it !

2nd one is kind of the same start-off...very smooth and chillin´ ...yep, you´re right: definitely needs human vocals!

3rd one is my favourite (so far)...i really like that piano you´re using. Wich VSTi is this?

4th one has really good instruments, but the lead is nothing special (anymore) imho...maybe another one works better ?!

5th one is really good so far! Dont know how to make it better, but i would another part, where you play a somewhat darker melody...sort of a counter-part.

Anyway...nice music! So we can watch out for more Mordi-Stuff :D Keep it up !

2009-03-05, 03:16
Appregio seemed very forgettable to me, went right in one ear, and out the other. Nothing really sunk in, or stood out.

I liked the Lightforce one, but it's hard to screw one of those up, the original tune is already so catchy! I'm not an unzy unzy moar bass plz person, but I think parts of it could use, well, moar bass!

Poison sounded pretty good, it's obvious it's a WIP, but I'd like to see it finished up.

Promises definitely needs some sort of vocals, you're right about that, it sounds like it was written for vocals, and the fact they're missing makes it a kind of weird listen.

It does sound like something's missing in Tears of My Heart (at least up untl 2:20, like l3cM4n said), like you said, vocals, maybe, but I don't know.

Good stuff throughout, though. Keep at it, man!