View Full Version : Byproduct - Organisms (album)

2009-02-19, 10:55

The second Byproduct album, called "Organisms", was recently released. Styles of the tracks vary quite a lot, so it's impossible to put it under any other label besides "electronic". Give it a try if you're open to something a little different, yet harmonic. :)

The album is available for free as a 160kbps mp3. A digipak with a3 poster is also available for those who like their CD's in physical format.

More info and download link here: http://byproduct.koshiyoka.com/organisms

If you understand Finnish, you can check out some reviews and comments here: http://klubitus.org/forum_aihe.php?id=66124 (klubitus.org login required).

I think some of the tracks can occasionally be heard on Scenesat radio as well. Hope you enjoy!


2009-03-07, 13:59
Really nice stuff and well produced... I like it.. But you probably already know this since it was added in our rotation.. ;)

2009-04-29, 08:51
Thanks! :)

I still have about 50 copies of the CD digipak left, if someone wants theirs in a physical format.

2009-04-29, 23:57
Nice album but maybe a bit short. Some lovely songs which I would like to support and preview soon. Thanks!