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Sir Garbagetruck
2009-02-19, 19:58
Every year since 2003, 'scene.org' - the International Scene Organization (ry) has sponsored the scene.org awards, which are supposed to be a celebration of the demoscene.

There's a big awards show during which the 'top' demos of the year are showcased, in many different categories:
Best Soundtrack
Best 64k intro
Best Demo
Public's Choice
Best Demo on an an Oldschool Platform
Breakthru Performance
Best Animation
Best 4k Intro
Best Effects
Best Graphics
Best Direction
Most Original Concept

All of these are performed by a jury of demosceners, selected in some bizzarre process I'm not entirely familiar with - EXCEPT the "Public's Choice" award.

For the public's choice - you get to vote! And, well, nominate, if your favorite demo isn't nominated yet.

Now, for those of you who would like to PARTICIPATE in this process:
PARTICIPATE HERE (http://awards.scene.org/voting.php)

Go there. Get the demos that are nominated and watch them, on real hardware if possible, if not, via video. I'd say watch them one day, then come back a day or so later and watch again, THEN vote.

All the votes and so on will be tallied and presented in the big 'ol award ceremony at Breakpoint 2009. Which you should attend, so you can see this extravaganza. I've seen every one so far and I am not missing 2009's.

And yes, if you go to awards.scene.org (http://awards.scene.org) you can see past years nominations and winners. For those of you who like lists - or want some really bitchin' stuff from the demoscene to watch - go there. There's some _REALLY_ excellent stuff there.

2009-03-02, 07:23
i have voted :>

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-04-07, 23:01
For those of you who aren't attending Breakpoint for some reason (which you should) - there will be a breakpoint.tv stream which should include the scene.org awards.

You should see them live at Breakpoint, tho, so hop on one of the planes or buses getting there and go see it live, not on some dinky monitor - LIVE! On stage! On a HUGE screen!

2009-04-13, 21:43
So, What was up with that Limp Ninja entry for the PC main Democompo? My stream spazzed on me, and I missed all the fuss...