View Full Version : The Day We Left Earth

2009-12-30, 13:37
Well.. This is the result of a night with no sleep at all.. :rolleyes:
You find a track on the HD.. Then surf the net for videos.. Cut them into pieces and try to make some sort of story out of those pieces.
And the result?
"I really should have gone to bed!" :eek:


2010-01-08, 19:20
Great track! I liked relly liked the melody! Hope to hear it on rotational soon! :)
The video was good to. The metiorites, was that the Schumacher-Lewy? If I remember the name correctly, the 7 (I think) that crashed into Jupiter?

2010-01-12, 20:38
Well.. I don't think it was any special meteorites in particularly. :) It was just some animation from a documentary about the birth of Earth.
Basically I just used (borrowed) some clips from 3 different documentaries to make this video.

2010-01-12, 21:33
That was really good to watch hazel, i hope you release the tune on SceneSat. Otherwise i will have to fill the gap with McCLure and cry myself to sleep at night. ;)