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2009-12-31, 15:12
I have now done a reeeeeeeeally early preview of my Flight Path vid(demo) i'm working on, The images represents stuff that will be there in moving form later. Don't mind that there are different planes in the pictures, in the final clip it will be one and the same in the whole thing. And more stuff like landscapes and stuff...

When the break in the track starts at around 2:50min the plane rises abov the clouds and some colorful dots flyes around the plane, lightening it up really nice. Then it dives down again and sweeps across the country again...

The story is: A comet or asteroid is comeing closer and closer to earth and just when it comes thru the flashing clouds it's "transform" into a plane and sweeps over the landscape and then at the end it dissolves in smoke or something. The end!
If anyone likes you can be apart of this project.
I am trying to learn some 3D stuff... but...
What I need is really good Grafic, 3D artist(s) who can make my project come true.
Maybe some good programmers who have made demos and stuff. to make this vid somewhat a realtime demo? :cool:
What to do now is:
In 3D: Make the plane, comet and maybe some other stuff that comes along as the project increases.
Grafics(3D): Clouds, landscapes, mountains, trees, fog, etc.
It's a long way til it's finished...

Help is much apreciated if anyone want too!

Updated: Preview #2