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2009-02-21, 22:59
I am one of those people that still burn cds in good old fashioned WAV format to listen to them in the car. So why not start a thread with good car compilations. I will start of with one of my own.

Keith Tinmann: Sidewize (SID from http://www.6581-8580.com/)
Ultraljud: Better Days (Ultraljud 2008 - http://www.ultraljud.info/)
Roz Care (www.po-rno.fi)
Siamey: Rift Watcher (Remember 2002 LP - http://www.platonistmusic.com/reunion/music1.html)
Candybag: Arm Pit (Short Mix) (Remember 2002 LP - http://www.platonistmusic.com/reunion/music1.html)
Glyn R Brown: Mankind (www.GlynRBrown.com)
Mikael Fyrek: Just a thing from yesterday (scene.org)
x_dynamics: electric sheep (po-rno.fi)
PsychNerD: Opposite Reality (psychnerd.ziphoid.com)
CIE: Waterwaves (po-rno.fi)
Outgate: Iota Zero (Remember 2002 LP - http://www.platonistmusic.com/reunion/music1.html)
Bliss (Henrik Jose): In front of a daydreamer (www.henrikjose.com/)
Xerxes: Koral (scene.org)
Peter W: Alpha Waves (peterw.ziphoid.com)

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-02-23, 18:10
I can totally reccomend the 'demovibes' collections from willbe... they even have cue sheets for easy burning.


Also, Ursula's album 'Sunbird Steal My Eyes' rules.

As does a ton of stuff on the Kahvi collective...

2009-03-03, 03:18
I used to do this so much, pretty much the only CDs in my car were mixes of RKO, Amiga Remix, and OCRemix tunes. I've been having some fits of nostalgia lately, I'm probably going to dig them up and start listening to them again. Had lots of Contra and Castlevania tunes on them.

2009-03-24, 06:12
I remember back in HS hooking up my PC to a tape recorder line-in jack and recording tracks played straight off of Impulse Tracker and/or MikIT. Mostly, the mixtapes were random KFMF, chill prods, FM, noise, plus cool stuff from Trax in Space or stuff from friends on #trax or recommended by friends on IRC, some of which I later started burning to CD-R using WinAmp's export to wave feature, dispite it's less-than-stellar playback. Nowadays, everything's flash memory, either mp3 players or cellphone playback, so I don't really mess with my CDs or burning CD-Rs too much anymore...

2009-03-24, 21:18
Well you all got me feeling so old fashioned, and retro (a good feeling :) )

But then lets not think of it as CDs but simply as playlists, and lets not think about it as music for driving. Lets just see if we can make the best playlist for doing the dishes or for looking at the stars and thinking of eternity.