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2009-02-23, 19:00
So, now you have two types of ratingsystems to play around with. The result of your votes won't be that visible just yet, but rest assured that they will. We have a bunch of things in mind when it comes to using these statistics for some useful and some not so useful purposes. :) We'll keep you posted.

For now, have a read here (http://scenesat.com/theratings) to understand what they do and please comment and discuss how you feel about them.

2009-02-23, 21:27
For me, it's going to take quite some time before I get my "real" rating on the tunes. Will have to cast a lot of votes before I think I'll be certain that it's the vote I feel is right for a tune.
I doubt I'll be giving many 10's to a tune. Probably not even going to be that many 9's either.
The reason for this is not that the tunes in general aren't great, but I want to keep the really high scores for some crazy outstanding tunes. (I'll not even give Heavy Working Robot a 10).

I hope I'll find my level of scoring fast :)

Peter W
2009-02-23, 21:47
Woho, that's just super cool. Great system as well! :)

2009-02-23, 22:18
Yes that's a good system Ziphoid, it will be interesting to see the stats when they are up and running.

2009-02-24, 08:22
I like it, but am I the only one that thinks 10 stars is too many? With 5 or 6 I think it would be easier to decide on what to rate (and look better on the page) although the rating wouldnt be as accurate, in a way.

2009-02-24, 09:23
Great job John, I think number of stars is not a problem, I treat them more like giving the grade (from 1 to 10), like we used to do during the most of c64 party competitions, and it was quite fair. I definitely will be voting when I feel so! :D

(less discrete range guarantees better gaussian distribution) ;)

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-02-24, 20:39
Mordi: The thing is, with 10, you don't have to use all 10.

Right now, I'm using a 3 star system:
one rating for "I really really really dislike this track." Which is not something I wish to apply to anything, really. But I have because I really, really dislike a track or two that we have and would like to see them not loop very often in the rotational.

one rating for "I am not a big fan of this tune." Which is as low as I really want to give, and I would reccomend everyone think of things this way rather than "I don't ever want to hear that again." Because you never know, one day you may just really be able to open up to that tune that you hate today for some reason.

And one rating for "W007!" which of course is woot for "UTTER WOOTNESS AND BONUS WOOT."

There's one track by a dude I've given 2 "not a big fan" ratings to that I will be giving "W007!" to as soon as it comes up. I like his stuff but I don't care for these 2 tracks that I didn't realize were his.

At some point, I'll add a 4th level, which is "This is good. I like. It is not wooty enough to give mass W007age to."

And then I can tweak a tiny bit up/down from there if I want.

The 'good/bad' dichotomy is just, well, not quite good enough for me to express the difference between "cool" and "w007!" and "ok that I do not care for today" and "ok you know I just really really don't want to hear this another time, it's been 50 this week already give it a rest."

If you see what I'm saying, cool. If not, I can give further examples in a show (:

2009-03-02, 07:39
a rating system is always nice :D

2009-03-02, 22:17
I like the mood voting, but I don't know what it's for! It seems like it'd all be relative to the listener, and you wouldn't get any solid data from it.

What is the plan with the mood voting? I'm sure there's something ya all have planned for it, but I can't even hazard a guess as to what.

2009-09-24, 20:38
i'm slow, but i really like the voting system, now make the irc-triggers work too, and add a !dislike too plz ;D

2009-09-24, 20:51
i'm slow, but i really like the voting system, now make the irc-triggers work too, and add a !dislike too plz ;D

!agrees... ;)

2012-02-07, 08:47
voted: I hate rating systems - I'm glad that was a choice :)