View Full Version : Ziphoid & Firefox - On Air - 20090319 20:00CET

2009-03-04, 17:22
So, Ziphoid & Firefox are back to ramble on and play a bunch of excellent music for your entertainment. Do join in!


2009-03-12, 07:22
Ahh..This will be a good warm-up for that weekend.. I'm going on a guitar clinic with Kee Marcelo :) wheee.... *jumps*

2009-03-12, 18:59
for sure i will listen :)

2009-03-13, 12:13
I am working that evening but I will be sure to listen and maybe get on irc for a quick hello :D

2009-03-19, 18:13
I'm so going to listen to this! I haven't listened to a live Slay Radio or SceneSat show in forever, I'm usually busy when they're live. I end up downloading them so I have something to listen to while I work out, or do boring house errands like cooking, and dishes.

I would ask if it's a request show, but I'm sure I'll found out soon enough!

2009-03-19, 23:41
Great show and really good music, as always! :)

2009-03-20, 00:24
Great show and really good music, as always! :)
Glad you liked it. :) We enjoyed airing it for sure...

2009-03-20, 04:43
I listened to it! I made a few requests, too. But they were all really obscure songs that I don't think are even on the SceneSat queue. It's also goaded me to find the Mirror's Edge soundtrack. The graphics and music were really slick, though the gameplay not so much.

Good show guys, do it again!

2009-03-20, 10:20
Thanks for the show Ziphoid and Firefox, excellent music as allways :D

2009-03-20, 14:24
Nice show, although I'm still having nightmares and psychotic seizures from you guys making crazy frog sounds over turrican music. I'm pretty sure that's going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

So yeah, keep it up.