View Full Version : REMIX: Doing Eurodisco (Overboard) - feat.Shannon Hurley

2009-03-05, 18:02
I hope this is the right place to post....if not, please move :p

Did this over a long time, but i am really happy with the final version...so have a listen, if you got some minutes ;)


The original was made by Mitch & Dane in 1997 for the group "Crest" and itīs called "Doing Eurodisco?". I really love the sound of this SID-file, so i sampled parts of it and painted them into the re-arranged vocals. The funny part was to pitch and stretch everything to get the sound, i wanted. I was trying to avoid using a vocoder, to stay more "human", but maybe i should do a vocoded version too ^^

Oh...one last thing: maybe someone knows where to find this SID in the HVSC?

Edit: Finally found the original SID by listening to each and every SID by Mitch & Dane ;) The file named "Lois Lane (http://www.c64.org/HVSC/MUSICIANS/M/Mitch_and_Dane/Dane/Lois_Lane.sid)" is exactly the same track as the mentioned "Eurodisco"...i think they changed the name for some reasons !?

2010-04-08, 12:48
So i heard the first few hits and it didn't sound that promising. But immediatly at 0.12 it became tons better. I love that background synth .

Sometimes the notes didn't feel right. And at some points the vocals are obvious pitched. In the chorus, i didn't like the second half of it, it feels false compared to the others but it keeps the flow nonetheless. I expected more eventually since it's a pretty long song and you must keep your 'audience' entertainted, and you can't use the same thing over. It seems like you didn't contineu building it in my oppinion. But, this style is kinda hard to review

Now i should say thise before i review this, but i've never heard of Mitch or Dane, Neither Shanon Hurley. So i don't know howmuch you added/improved it. Since the sid was composed you mean you didn't make it yourself but only sample it?