View Full Version : reLiveQt for OS X and Windows released and java applet updated

2010-03-23, 01:26
reLiveQt - a reLive client developed by Steffen 'Gulrak' Schümann for Mac OS X and Windows and built upon the Qt library has now been released in public beta state. It boasts features like search functionality of streams and tracks, configurable colors in chat logs and the possibility to create relive: links from any station, stream or track to share with your friends and quickly jump into the right place for a listen. The latter functionality has also been added to the java applet, developed by Daniel Skoraszewsky, and will be implemented soon to the site here on SceneSat but also to the public official site for reLive which will be fully launched in the near future.

Go to http://relive.gulrak.net/ for more information and downloads of the program.

2010-04-21, 22:59
There's also #relive on efnet. So, if you feel the urge to say "your shit doesn't work", please feel free to join there and make us aware. (Probably with much better response times than here)