View Full Version : Anyone have any multi-track recordings laying around?

2010-04-16, 23:27
So, I'm going to this audio production school type place in that there Canada type land. I'd like to thank Boz for making me talk like that.

Anyway. The primary focus of the school is to make us all into recording engineers, we get lots of hands on time on SSLs, and a bit of time on a Neve. In our classes, we're working on mixing tracks on an SSL, so we load up a multi-track session in Pro Tools, and run it through the board. We have a few multi-track sessions on there, Rammstein, some pop/rock band I don't remember the name of, and a Metalica tune, which is getting kind of boring.

So, I ask you, you lot, do you guys have any multi-track recordings? Like, drums, vocals, guitars, etcetera, all as separate tracks, rather than one mixed down file? And if so, would you be willing to part with them for the purposes of education? I'd really appreciate it, and I'd love to assault my group with the goodness of SID remixes.

2010-09-04, 16:52
You can do a bit of searching and get your hands on the Rock Band 2 tracks in .mogg (Multi-OGG) format and give a try to remaster the originals yourself. Reaper software editor supports .mogg import. Guitar Hero tracks are available in 3 stereo tracks, rock band in full multi-track...

Good luck!