View Full Version : How are YOU enjoying SceneSat?

2010-04-29, 23:18
Lately, there has been postings on IRC and other places with pictures of various people listening to SceneSat or surfing to scenesat.com using all sorts of platforms. Do you have any nice pics to share showing exactly that? :) If so, please post them here, preferably with a brief description of the platform you're running it on. Let's see if we can cover as many formats as possible. :)

2010-04-29, 23:26

Plain standard (A) iPod Touch 32G running Safari.

2010-08-14, 18:38
Just got my Motorola Droid 2 yesterday! It's running Android 2.2
Now I can listen at work! :D

2010-10-07, 13:49
I listen to SceneSat a lot when I'm going somewhere. The default player on Nokia N900 is kinda crappy, but does the job well enough so I haven't bothered to look for alternatives.


2017-07-07, 02:42
Very much so, I have recorded videogames with music from Scenesat playing at the same time. I would link the video but it's just of the game and doesn't show that it's Scenesat. Also, I'm not sure the posting policy for links around here. I also listen to Scenesat at work when the BPMs are high. It keeps me awake and motivated. :)