View Full Version : 8 bit TRON Tribute

2010-05-04, 17:55

We were inspired by the new Tron film coming this summer and decided to derez somesome tunes from the original film! The music is based off of Tron’s amazing original 1982 soundtrack by the great Wendy Carlos. We used C64, Gameboy, etc on the ep.

Track listing:
1. Tron Scherzo (Sark's Revenge Mix)
2. Tron Theme and Ending (Flynn's Goodbye Mix)
3. Tron Scherzo (Solar Sailer mix)
4. Tron Theme and Ending (Yori's Game Boy Mix)
5. Tron Scherzo (Bit's Game Boy Mix)

Download the free ep here: http://8bitweapon.com/TRON.zip

Here is a video by Meg of www.Girlhack.com

Thank you and enjoy~!

-Seth & Michelle :) :]

2010-05-16, 20:53
Awesome! :) 8-bit forever!

2010-07-05, 12:31
Great mix and having a realy good time listening! Thanks guys!