View Full Version : Sir Garbagetruck - Tres Bien Par-Tee Review - 20090326 20:00CET

2009-03-20, 11:14
Sir Garbagetruck has been to the Numerica Art Party and will bring you the music and a bunch of rambling from the party...


Peter W
2009-03-20, 23:53
Awesome, looking forward to that! :)

2009-03-21, 01:03
I don't think I've ever heard Sir GarbageTruck speak. Will it be a live show with recordings from the show, or what?

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-03-24, 23:35
you haven't listened to the launch show? (: It's available for download! (:

The show will basically be live, with music from the compos and perhaps one or two of the demos. We'll see exactly how it plays out once I actually put the music here on this machine and lay it all down. Which I have to do tommorrow. Nothing like cutting this close... BAH.