View Full Version : Doubt / question about the "including" policy in SceneSAT

2010-06-12, 12:12
Probably this is being discussed in another thread.
If not?
well, just to ask about what's the process to upload stuff on sceneSAT.

I mean, for instance, If netlabels are allowed, but not any netlabel, those enough close to demoscene. what about kahvi releases?

For instance, this is pretty cool:

....;) well that's all.

2010-06-13, 00:38
Hej JaK!

Well, we do have a bunch of Kahvi releases in the database so far, and we'll surely look into this as well. :) You can find a similar thread discussing what to include here (http://scenesat.com/forum/threads/310-The-rotational-wish-list) :)