View Full Version : Track downloads are now possible...

2009-03-26, 00:35
Well, at least a bunch of them, for starters. We will set as many as possible tracks to be downloadable directly from the site, but you'll have to be patient, since we want to make sure that the authors wants them to be as well. Not everyone wants their tracks available from a lot of sites, so we just want to ask them for their permission first.

You need to be a registered member on the site to be able to download, but I feel that's a decent way of managing things, right? :)

2009-03-26, 00:50
I agree , it's a good idea to ask for the authors permission we can be absolutely sure they are happy with tracks being available to download from SceneSat rather than take it for granted it's ok to do so , and !agree with the download only being available to registered users :)

2009-03-27, 10:41
Now, there are indicators in the different lists (act/search/production etc) which tells if a track is available for download or not. Also, you can see the full list of downloadable tracks at http://scenesat.com/downloadables if you want.

2009-04-04, 17:11
Good stuff, I'll make sure to drop by often and grab the latest additions that I likes the sound of. ;)