View Full Version : Hazel - Demolicious #02 - 20100810 20:00CEST

2010-08-09, 20:10
Okay.. Lets try again.. A new computer has been installed after the old one went up in smoke (literally)..

It is time for part two of "Demolicious". Demo tracks thrown into a big bowl and stirred up to a mega-mix. And yet again you can also follow this madness on video-feed. You will be able to watch at http://scenesat.com/webcam when the time comes.

2010-08-10, 21:32
Here are the videos...

MP4 - 1.4GB - 1024x576 (http://www.soundofhazel.com/video/Various_Artists_-_Demolicious_02_(Mixed_by_Hazel)_-_mp4_-_1024x576.mp4) + SUBS (http://www.soundofhazel.com/video/Various_Artists_-_Demolicious_02_(Mixed_by_Hazel)_-_mp4_-_1024x576.srt)
MKV - 700MB - 768x432 (http://www.soundofhazel.com/video/Various_Artists_-_Demolicious_02_(Mixed_by_Hazel)_-_mkv_-_768x432.mkv) + SUBS (http://www.soundofhazel.com/video/Various_Artists_-_Demolicious_02_(Mixed_by_Hazel)_-_mkv_-_768x432.srt)
XVID - 707MB - 768x432 (http://www.soundofhazel.com/video/Various_Artists_-_Demolicious_02_(Mixed_by_Hazel)_-_xvid_-_768x432.avi) + SUBS (http://www.soundofhazel.com/video/Various_Artists_-_Demolicious_02_(Mixed_by_Hazel)_-_xvid_-_768x432.srt)