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2010-09-21, 12:49

Here we go:
Some list, vote-ratio ordered, and paginated, showing all prods I've been voting on (or at least voted more than a given star number)

In my opinion this feature would be pretty nice for two reasons:

1) Makes user feel confordable voting songs, cause he could keep record on that, as reward.
2) Makes queueing more easier and enjoyable (sorry Dj.Sputnik :( ) (I queue what I like, within my 200 fabs songs.) It's hard to remember and search all those fab songs in ones brain.

I know PHP, and SQL. I feel upset with javascript and HTML, CSS, but I've been doing something with basic Ajax stuff.


2010-09-25, 00:20
That's a cool idea. The cart is kind of like that and is handy for queuing. I flip through the tunes I added to my cart if I want to queue one of my favorites I haven't heard in a while. It would be nice to queue right within the cart though.

2010-11-16, 16:09
nice, like a shopping cart.
But...where's that cart icon??

It would be nice to queue right within the cart though.

2010-11-17, 12:17
There'll be a lot of functionality added to the cart system as soon as I have the time to do so. :) A lot of things are in the works...

2010-12-21, 17:38
ok! understood. In case you need a hand (or two) make a whistle. I'm a little used to php, and OOP, SQL and...so.