View Full Version : PRERELEASE: Storm & Spy vs. Spy

Mitch van Hayden
2010-09-29, 03:55
This is a prerelease of my new c64 remixes: "Storm" & "Spy vs. Spy". You can download the files here: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/69804183/file.html *** UPDATE: DOWNLOAD LINK IS DOWN. SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW LINKS! ;) ***

ZIP file size: ~ 32 MB
Format: MP3 @ 256 kbps

1) Spy vs. Spy (Compact HardTrance Mix) - 4:44 min
2) Storm (2080ies DigitalRokkaz Mix) - 5:09 min
3) Spy vs. Spy (Epic HardTrance ClubMix) - 9:00 min

Track 1 and 2 will be released at RKO in the near future.

2010-10-16, 03:01
Thanks for sharing these! I really enjoyed them! Nicely done!

Mitch van Hayden
2012-07-04, 20:35
Mitch van Hayden - Spy vs Spy (Epic Trance Mix):

Spy vs. Spy (Compact HardTrance Mix) & Storm (2080ies DigitalRokkaz Mix) are now available on RKO/R64: