View Full Version : 6581 @ X2010 - Video to the Scenesat!

2010-10-08, 14:25
During X I recorded the gig along with a few other people, who used various types of camera. I thought it would be neat to get in touch with those people after the party and see if I could do a full feature length video which included all of the footage. That means 'in crowd' as well as mounted cameras are included in this production :)

If you want a quick preview, watch the Vimeo video here Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/15603033), though if you want the song titles and some extra footage that leaked in after I released it, you are best grabbing the 3.5gb video file from one of the following locations :)

If you can torrent; here: via Scenesat Torrent Tracker (http://tracker.scenesat.com/gettorrent.php?info_hash=77107476c21dcd95a466dcb57 abbf408f8241a64)

Direct downloads:

Download from Scenesat mirror (http://download.scenesat.com/6581_-_Live_at_X2010-(720p_video_by_m0d).mp4)

Download from hrist's selfnet.de mirror (http://mirror.selfnet.de/mirrors/scenesat/)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I had making it.


2010-10-08, 22:06
Excellent, thanks for posting m0d.

2010-10-23, 23:27
nice vid, m0d! :)