View Full Version : PsychNerD - Level 2 : Electro House - 20101219 20:00CET

2010-11-21, 22:30
This time, it's going to be all about house music! I prepared a pretty mad SceneSat playlist that I'll be mixing for you with a tiny little dose of chatter :) All about the music! Spread the word and be there!

2010-12-14, 02:18
I'll be tuning in. My electro house knowledge could use a lesson. :)

2010-12-17, 04:41
Well... I kinda worked the setlist tonight and Electro will be the main line but I guess it's too specific for a complete show... Not that much of electro tracks in rotational and netlabels... So i'll be cheating and blend other house styles in... So don't make your mind on electro based on this one!

Next time i'll make myself sure I have enough tracks BEFORE giving the show a style so specific... lesson learned... Perfection is a path, not a wish!