View Full Version : Please to use the forums more!

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-04-22, 22:14
Seriously, when someone makes a mistake and posts something public that really should be a private message, it looks like a HUGE thing compared to the tiny thing it would be if this forum was more active.

So let's give people a break, huh?

Post more. Really, about, you know, stuff.

I'd post how much Breakpoint ruled and how much you should have been there, but you'll hear that in my next show.

I _will_ say you should look at the 'events' thing cuz that's where I post about demoparties that are coming up.

And um, I dunno, post about something or another, like how much you like the 4k's from breakpoint.

2009-04-22, 22:31
Yeah, I agree. Post more. ...and the forum (and the whole site, really) WILL very soon be a lot quicker, once we move over to the new layout we've been working on. Then the forum will actually not be annoyingly slow to use. ;)

2009-04-26, 18:53
The speed of the forums is fine for me, but having it all boxed in like it was was really a downer. Can definitely afford to post more now that everyone looks slicker.

2009-04-26, 19:58
Speed is/was always ok for me (though that might be related to the 100mbit/s connection here, dunno).

For everything else, I haven't used a forum in years, I just don't know how to and what to write :P