View Full Version : Sir Garbagetruck - What I did on my Easter Vacation - 20090505 20:00CEST

2009-04-23, 02:12

Truck reminisces about Breakpoint 2009, plays the music, review the demos and gives you interviews and other interesting info about the world's biggest pure scene event held in Bingen, Germany this Easter weekend.

2009-04-23, 19:49
Sounds like fun. If I'm not on IRC, I'll grab the show for listening :)

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-04-26, 12:46
ok this MAY be delayed, I'm unsure if it will or not, depends on today really.

Basically, I have allergies, and they're driving me nuts right now. Since I actually talk during my shows a bit, this would be problematic... for 2 reasons:

<irc user> OMG IS TRUCK DYING?

2. My brain is not 100% yet, it is slow.

However I can say that depending on how today goes, I may end up editing an interview or two I took during Breakpoint (Ok here's how my brain is slow: I almost said Assembly there.)

You will enjoy the interviews, if they come out, I think. (:

2009-04-26, 19:49
Get well soon!

I'd love to listen to this show, if you're only half as cool as in your posts here, it's totally worth wasting an evening with you :)

*worships person who he doesn't even know*

Bye, see you tuesday!

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-04-27, 19:53
Ok, my head is LESS clogged, and I was even able to get to work today, but I have not edited what needs to be edited, or chosen the tracks for the show properly, and I still cough a bit too much and had a sneezing fit earlier.

We'll just avoid all those things for the show and move it to Friday.

This gives me Wappu to edit as well, so that's good. (Wappu is ... well some of you understand the celebration at the end of April/beginning of May, others don't, it's basically May Day, but not. And no one in Finland will be working, so there ya go, time for me to edit the show properly.

Hannes: heh, well, you can always come to Outline, that's the next party where I'll be (:

2009-04-27, 21:22
I've never heard Truck speak! I'll be dropping by for this one.

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-04-29, 22:07
2 reasons:

#1. Conflict with Squirrley's show, which, well, we announced first (: So by all rights I would suggest he move HIS show, but.

#2. All my servers at work may get cut off due to the ISP firing everyone who was involved with the company they aquired. And that company is the company who had our servers. So there is preparation and all sorts of bizzarre 'you know, that's not a switch to be removing from the data center' stuff to do.

so I will NOT be preparing the show adequately.

Mind you, I can just go on, throw some tunes on from BP, and talk about it for 2 hours. I could do that. But this is Breakpoint, it's huge, and it deserves a show that people who attended will go "yeah, that was a show worthy of Breakpoint" and people who didn't go for some reason or another will go "right I have to go next year."


The Ministry of Truth reminds you that the date has always been Tuesday, the 5 of May. Cinco de Mayo. There have never been earlier dates.

2009-04-30, 10:01
Hi Truck,
I don't mind if the shows conflict. My show has always been on a Friday and always will be and anyways, it's up to the listeners who they want to tune in to.
I know it is better to tune in and experience the show live but both shows can be downloaded afterwards anyways. :)

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-05-01, 10:38
Yes, but if you don't ANNOUNCE it, which I don't believe it was as we had checked before for conflicts.

But the REAL reason we moved it was the lack of assurance I had that I'd even have net. Which I still might not, as the oncall person has been fired. So if my net drops...

Wouldn't that be a great live show, folks? LET'S NOT DO THAT.

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-05-05, 22:48
Again, apologies for things falling apart before the show. I had several things that needed to be edited, and a plan for a much more coherent show... that will happen for part II of this show, which will hopefully air next Tuesday.

That will include the Xerxes and Romeo Knight interview! So, tune in!