View Full Version : SHOW MOVED: Ziphoid - Cozy Corner - 20090510 20:00CET

2009-04-27, 19:29
Smoothness returns to the web-carried airwaves as it's time for yet another Cozy Corner where Ziphoid will help you relax and calm down.

2009-04-27, 21:19
Woo, I'll totally be there.

Would love to hear this (http://loudceilingfans.com/crap/burmecian_spirit.mp3) on the airwaves, as well!

2009-05-03, 16:27
Darnit, I'm sorry to say that I have to postpone this show for one week due to a MASSIVE overload of work. I'll try to make another show later on this week, though, since I have a bunch of upbeat stuff to play.

Sorry. IRL sucks bigtime sometimes.

// Ziph

2009-05-03, 17:51
That does it. I'm going to stop listening to SceneSat, and listen to Radio Parallax instead! Joke.

I don't think anyone will get up in arms over it, shit happens, I'm sure we'll all be cool with the delay.