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Mitch van Hayden
2012-01-01, 23:14
Dear Friends,

in the last months I had the honor to work with my colleagues Amok, CZ-Tunes, Eiz and Dr.Future on an outstanding project.
Together we produced the remix album "a Tribute to Jochen Hippel", containing 10 remixes of the Atari ST legend Jochen Hippel.

01 - Jochen Hippel - Amberstar [Title Theme] (CZ-Tunes Remix)
02 - Jochen Hippel - Wings of Death [Level 01] (Dr.Future Remix)
03 - Jochen Hippel - Mindbomb (Eiz Remix)
04 - Jochen Hippel - Many sheep in outer Mongolia (Mitch van Hayden Remix)
05 - Jochen Hippel - A Prehistoric Tale [Game Over] (CZ-Tunes Remix)
06 - Jochen Hippel - Chambers of Shaolin [Test of Agility] (Amok Remix)
07 - Jochen Hippel - Wings of Death [Level 2] (Dr.Future Remix)
08 - Jochen Hippel - Feed me Max [The hidden Track] (Eiz Remix)
09 - Jochen Hippel - Amberstar [#11 - Ode to Schnism] (Mitch van Hayden Remix)
10 - Jochen Hippel - Wings of Death [Title Theme] (CZ-Tunes Remix Re-Edit 2011)

The album is available now for free download (MP3 and FLAC).

http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/8750/jochenhippelreleaseprom.png (http://portal.fal-clan.de/vw/downloads.php?action=details&dlid=31)
http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/8750/jochenhippelreleaseprom.png (http://portal.fal-clan.de/vw/downloads.php?action=details&dlid=32)

Please note: The files are hosted at my clan's webpage, so you'll have to pass the age check before you can download the album. But that shouldn't be a big deal... ;)

Hope you will like the tracks.

Best Regards


2012-01-06, 01:04
I listened to most of this album on my way home from work today. I love it! You guys did a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing!