View Full Version : J2M Project "Song For You", can't find it :-(

2012-01-02, 15:28
J2M Project - In Love With Riccarda (Song For You)

I love this tune. And it's driving me crazy I can't find it anywhere. WTF.

It's not available for download here. That's cool, it happens. So I try other various MP3 download sites.


I try the P2P route and jump on Gnutella2 and eDonkey and BitTorrent.


I browse about this mysterious J2M Project itself and apparently there's a commercial release to be had on Amazon.com and places like that.

OK. Good. I'll happily pay for a legit copy of the track.

Nope. Doesn't exist. Can't find it ANYWHERE!!

I want this tune. Help me find it...please! :(

2012-01-06, 00:11
Am I allowed to bump this?

Oops. ;)

2012-01-06, 14:54
I don't think you will find this track anywhere.. They have removed all their songs from various net labels & music sites.. Don't know if it's because they are working on some kind of commercial album or something..

But the fact remains that none of their tracks are available anymore..
We will just have to wait and see what will happen in the near future with this band.

They only seem to have released one single as a commercial release.. And yes they are really mysterious.. Not much info about them.

2012-01-06, 21:58
Wow...who do they think they are, lol...that sucks of course, but at least now I know what's going on. Thanks for explaining :)

Gonna see if this track is still in rotation here at Scenesat...give it one more listen, if I can :)