View Full Version : Into the Unknown - Listening to SceneSat on a Mac ( Os X 10.4.11 )

2012-01-06, 01:23
Hi SceneSat!

Have just started to get my Mac ( G4 MDD 7450, 1.25 DP OS X 10.4.11 ) online, currently via a wifi dongle ( soon broadband ! ) I wish to listen to a feed, what do I use? RealPlayer? I have tried probably my wifi signal isn't great so not getting anything over that?!! What is best to use?


/ nativ

2012-01-07, 00:37
There are several options for listening to the audio stream. I don't anything about RealPlayer, so I'm not sure about that one. Winamp and iTunes are 2 that pop into my mind right away. If your internet connection isn't very good, you can try a lower quality stream. Those choices are at the bottom of the site pages, or if you mouse over "Listen" near the top of the page. Good luck, happy listening!