View Full Version : Cream of the earth Remix RC1

2012-01-15, 16:52
After about 2 month of really hard work here is my Release candidate #1 of Rome Knight's Cream of the earth.

Comments are most welcome :D

COTE remix RC1 (http://trace.ziphoid.com/wp/COTE_remix_RC1.mp3)

Regards PowerTrace

2012-01-16, 03:54
I like this a lot! Very faithful to the original and gives it a nice updated feel at the same time. Although I can't decide what I think about the little bridge around 3:00...on one hand, the buildup to the little speaking part is cool. On the other hand, the speaking sort of interrupts the momentum. I do like when the "Romeo Knight" comes back later though, right before 4:00.

I really do think it's great. Two thumbs up!
Thanks for posting it! :)

2012-01-16, 17:37
Thanks, hard work has been put down to this remix :D

The little bridge felt like a a nice touch before it pushed on again :D

2012-01-19, 17:17
It has now been uploaded to AmigaRemix and awaits approval :D

2012-01-21, 01:45
Great! I think one of my favorite things about it is that it's something new, in that it's a remix of something that hasn't been done a lot already.

2012-01-22, 09:33
Thanks :D
I'm not that guy who does a remix of a tune that has been remixed a gazillion times allready. What more is there to do... :P
Allthough I have consider remixing a Last Ninja tune even though it HAS been remixed a gazillion times, just to add that HardCopy feel to it... :P