View Full Version : Ziphoid - Cozy Corner - 20090531 20:00CET

2009-05-25, 20:01
Yet another month has passed and it's once again time for some smoothness in the form of Cozy Corner with Ziphoid. Lean back and enjoy these three hours worth of chillout tracks...

2009-05-26, 18:54
Dang, month went by quick! I'll be tuning in for this one.

2009-06-01, 00:37
Well, easy come, easy go, apparently... This time I couldn't help it, since about 50000 others in the region where I live also lost power... :/ Too bad, but I hope you at least enjoyed the two hours worth of smoothiness I gave you...

I WILL be back. :)

2009-06-01, 06:14
Haha, yeah, I heard about that. There were some people in the IRC conjuring up some interesting conspiracy theories. I went with zombie apocalypse, starting from Sweden and working it's way outward.

Thanks for the two hours of show, though! Some Cozy Corner is always better than none.

2009-06-01, 10:14
I wonder how the international community will react to Sweden testing their EMP weapons again. Hopefully no hardware was broken.

Imagine the scenario if it would've been a serious disaster of some kind. (I didn't expect anything like it, of course, but it's a funny thought.) If that would've been the last thing we ever heard of Ziphoid, it'd mean that his last words - aired and recorded for everyone to hear - would've been something along the lines of:
"*long silence* ... am I still on air? I wonder what just happened ... it seems half of the machines have lost power ... hmm, let's see if I can get this thing back up ... oh, now this thing is overloading ... ... can you still hear me...?"
Just add a loud noise and some static to the end and it would've been like from an epic horror movie. :p

Also, I like how the stream switches back to the rotational if the show is cut off. Works very smoothly! There was quite an odd moment, though, when Ziph first got cut off. He did get back on air for a moment before losing power altogether, so during the first break there was a silence, followed by 2 seconds or so of creepy dark ambient. I caught a glimpse of the track's name and it was deathsomething (Hazel - Deathspace maybe?). Definitely sounded like something bad was going on. :D

Anyway, thanks for the 2,5 hours of Cozy Corner, very enjoyable stuff as always.