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2009-06-01, 22:47
Hello Everybody,

Wilhelmonds is a local adaption of the national anthem of The Netherlands "het Wilhelmus"
The 'Wilhelmonds' aims to be a anthem of the city of Helmond, it had several contestants. Some very good artists made a song (some in dialect some in regular Dutch) I am confident Jeroen Tel will ring a bell to most C64 (game)music lovers, he and his brother (who is also very experienced in Dutch music) also participated in the contest. They made it to the finals!!!

Please listen and vote for "Gebroeders Tel - Helmond mijn stad" (Brothers Tel - Helmond my town)

Voting can be done at the top left.


Thanks in advance!

2009-06-03, 16:02
Hey Fireworks,

A small word of advice: If it wouldn't have been regarding a friend of ours, namely Jeroen Tel, this post would've been deleted. It's never good form to start off a forum membership with promoting something, but in this case we'll let it slide since it was for a good cause. From what I can see, people seem to have started to vote for the brothers so I just hope they'll win.

Just wanted to let you know. ;)

Send Jeroen my best, btw!

// Ziph

2009-06-03, 20:43
Hello Ziphoid,

desperate times call for desperate actions. I hereby apologize for my way of entering the Scenesat community.
In my 'defence' :P, I do listen do the station now and then with much pleasure (honest and maybe a bit of sucking up ;))
The race is starting to get really interesting with still 9 days to go the Brothers Tel have made a comeback from beign 25% behind to about 3 % now.
The current number one is some choir that, with all due respect, kinda sounds like a song from say 40 years ago.
I am honestly worried that my, former, town will end up with it.
I hope to be able to visit the final itself but some prior planned vacation weekend seems to ruin that :(
I am sure the Tel's notice the global support they are enjoying.

Let's hope for the best :D