View Full Version : What's a good way to generate SID type sound effects?

2009-06-11, 20:58
I'm working on a PUTT PUTT EXTRAVAGANZA game with a few people, and I'm the sound geek. We want to have general blips and bleeps for GUI sounds, and I want to use emulated SID sounds for said blips and bleeps.

What are some ways for me to about doing this?

We also need a music type man to make music for us! So if you're intersted in that, holla at me. That's a plug, with only the slightest bit of shame. My real concern right now is SID sounds. Any help is appreciated.

Jan Harries
2009-06-12, 01:16

you can make sid sfx in a c64 emu, with SFX 5.0 by GRG.

program the sounds there, and sample them with VICE (sound record on) when youre ready.

manual included.

get the SID guide here:

..Ride the SIDwave!!

2010-04-09, 07:42
All above link is enough to resolve problem . It's help me lot . Petty good thank for finding such nice link and sent your valuable time . I think the SID chip was a respectable invention for the time and I enjoyed helping it find its potential.

2010-06-27, 13:55
ReFX has a SID-based VST synth called QuadraSID. I use it a lot. It's great, and at €60 not too expensive either (at least if you compare it to other VST synths).


2010-09-12, 16:29
Goattracker, Unknown64 (vsti), the ReFx SID expansion for Nexus2, etc. :)

2011-02-27, 15:03
You can make SID-type instruments with any proper synth VST, really. SID-sounds are generally just simple waveforms with envelopes and LFOs.