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2009-06-13, 20:18
...is here to inform you about this subforum where we'll try to give you updates of what's going on in our little world. This is the place where you'll find notifications of updates in the systems and other kind of information. It will also be placed as a feed on the front page as well as an RSS feed to be able to see what's happening here. :)

There has been a LOT of work put into the system so far and more things are in the works. In a later post, I will try to give a rundown of the latest improvements to the site and the overall system behind SceneSat Radio.

Oh, and btw, this subforum is open for comments and replies, but not to new threads. Just feel free to comment here and if you have something you want to start discussing, just use the other parts of the forum. :)

Keep up being active here on the forum and on IRC, because it's up to us all to make this a fun place to be at.

- The world is listening -