View Full Version : Katz new CD album 'Out of the dark' release

2009-06-14, 21:16
Heya guys and girls! As some of you may or may not know in the past I used to release short'ish runs of CD albums of my work. It has been my intention to get my latest work onto CD as well. So I am very proud to announce that within the next 2 months I will be releasing my first CD album in several years, the album called 'Out of the dark'. I think many of you will find it a refreshing break from the regular unzy music out there. The album will feature several styles, mellow guitar tracks, tv & movie score music, classical music inc. piano styles and yes even a few catchy dance tracks in there too (: Previously unheard stuff will also be on there, i.e what's not on scenesat/slay and my site Also some of my commercial music and collaborations with singers will also be featured. Every scene/64 release is also on there remastered & enhanced!
So, to the crunch, the first 50 CD's I intend to release absolutely free, as some of you may know this year (as some of you have also experienced) I have recently taken on massive cuts to my income and unfortunately I cannot afford to have the first 50 professionally made and totally free as I'd hoped. Therefore I intend to keep the costs down a bit with those first 50 by foregoing the thermal disc printing, so the booklet and cover etc will be properly printed as normal but no fancy disc print. However even the other bits cost a fair bit, so I would be eternally grateful if you enjoy my music, please please donate a little something to help me afford to post the CD's out to you. Many of you live all across the world, so postage costs can mount up somewhat. I will be including a paypal donate button on my site at www.katzmusician.se (http://www.katzmusician.se) shortly before 'Out of the dark' becomes available.

Finally, how to obtain the CD and donate to your postage costs:
Pretty straightforward, if you send an email to 'kate@demonbuilds.co.uk' and put anywhere in the subject heading the word 'CD'. Then in the main part of the email itself just put your name and address inc. country of course! You will then go on my list. To help me match your name with your paypal donation simply make sure your paypal name/email address is mentioned in your email to me. Many paypal accounts will be to your name anyway. Remember I'm not forcing you to donate, it would just be massive help to me at this time.

I will obviously give priority to donators. Donators will definitely get their CD and also more quickly than non donators, unfortunately for non donators it's a case of whichever runs out first, my cash or reaching the 50 :/

What happens after the 50 are out? Well after those I only ask for the cost to make and post the CD and this will be available directly from my site in good time. I create music because it's what I love, I take the pleasure from knowing people can sit and chillout and enjoy my music, that's what it's ultimately all about, there's better ways of making a living hehe.

Expect the release time to be during August, exact date TBC.

Thanks for you time folks & I sincerely hope you all enjoy the forthcoming release.

Kathryn LJ. "Katz"