View Full Version : 18 July: 1-day electronic music festival on an Island in Finland

2009-06-23, 14:37
On Saturday 18 July, we're organising a 1-day outdoor electronic music festival, with 20 artists/DJs, on a small Island near Lahti, Finland (100km from Helsinki). Music is on from 12:00 to 01:30, after which it is possible to stay overnight in a tent.

If you happen to be in Finland that day, come enjoy some great music in a nice outdoor location! Tickets € 27 incl. ship transportation to and from the island.

The event website (http://www.enonsaarifestival.com) is all in Finnish, but if you're planning to come, just drop me a message here (or preferably in IRC (Juhgu) ), and I'll tell you more about the event and make sure you'll get there without too much hassle. :)