View Full Version : SceneSat is now at v1.1!

2009-07-01, 22:56
There we go. The remaining tasks/bugs to reach v1.1 of this site and system are now taken care of and we're looking forward to some relaxing times ahead to enjoy the summer.

Most of the fixes for v1.1 were backend stuff, but to summarize it a little, here's a quick breakdown.

DJ's can now get themselves on air
To be able to get more frequent live shows it's crucial that the DJ's can get themselves on air. This is now possible. Feel therefor free to bother them to make a show every now and then if you have the chance to do so. Within reason, of course... ;)
The search box now accepts spaces and other 'odd' characters
Spaces can be good to search for and also certain characters like and similar should now be searchable.
The randomizer has been tweaked
The rules have been altered so it should not queue up the same track twice in three tracks. Also, Sputnik, who manages the queue when noone is doing it instead, have been denied to queue a track from any artist who have been played during the last 24 hours, to make it easier for you to pick tracks by them as well.
...and a bunch of minor tweaks and fixes here and there...

Next major milestone is set to August 31st, but there will most certainly be more things added to the system until then.

2009-07-02, 17:20
Great work :)

2009-07-02, 21:45

2009-07-03, 13:06
Good work :)

and now fill up your lack of sleep which you gathered the last weeks... ;)

2009-07-03, 13:22
*hehe* Only two weeks to go until vacation...

...and btw, I added a cute little feature yesterday, in case someone missed it... Just look to the right of the Sputnik on the front page and there'll pop up random comments about the rated tracks...

2009-07-04, 14:58
Think it's a nice feature!
Makes you curious about listening to the tracks others rated and commented for... http://board.zwergenbinge.de/images/smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

2009-07-04, 21:10
Oh, that is kind of neat! I'm sure it will encourage people to add their own comments, too.

2009-07-05, 15:55
Thanks for the hard work and new features !

2009-07-05, 16:30
This is fun now that I am getting into it!:)

2009-07-05, 21:32
Yes, John, you've really done an awesome job with this, to state the obvious! :)