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2009-07-04, 17:54
I'm maintaining a list of music sites on the forum of a gaming site (http://www.innlegg.no/index.php?showtopic=842) in Norway in an effort to show people how much fantastic music exists in the scene, so I thought I'd make an English version here and maybe get some additional links, comments and corrections :-)

Internet radios

SLAY Radio (http://slayradio.org/home.php) - Remixes of c64 tracks
SceneSat (http://scenesat.com/) - Demoscene Radio
Demovibes Radio (old Nectarine) (http://www.scenemusic.eu/demovibes/) - Demoscene Radio
Lost Treasure France (http://www.abandonware-france.org/ltf_radio/ltf_radio.php) - Features all kinds of game music from Tetris to Fallout 3
Kohina (http://stream.nute.net/kohina/stream.ogg.m3u) - Orginal music from c64, amiga, atari, msx, etc.
CGM UKscene (http://www.lmp.d2g.com:8020/listen.pls) - Old and new music from c64, amiga, atari, etc.
BitJam (http://www.bitfellas.org/e107_plugins/radio/radio.php?listen) - Demoscene music (radio, podcast and download)
Radio 6581 (http://www.radio6581.com/) - C64 remixes, orginal SIDs and live shows

Podcasts / Compilation Discs

C64 Takeaway (http://c64takeaway.com/) - Podcast with remixes and orginal SIDs. Co-hosted by known artists in the remix scene.
BitJam (http://podcast.bitfellas.org/) - BitJam's podcast
Demovibes (http://www.demovibes.org/dv_info.htm) - A compilation of the finest demo music on several discs

Sites with integrated players

Plopbox (http://www.plopbox.net/) - A database with an integrated module player. (sid/mod/s3m/xm/ym/ahx/fc)
Demoscene TV (http://www.demoscene.tv/) - "Youtube" for demos
Dos Spirit Retro Player (http://dosspirit.net/php/retroplayer.php) - Tracks from old DOS-games and even some remixes.
Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/groups/amiga-music/tracks) - Amiga tracks

Download sites

Back 2 the Roots (http://www.back2roots.org/Music/) - Game music (mod/mp3/etc)
Remix.Kwed.Org (http://remix.kwed.org/) - Remixes of C64 music and original SIDs (mp3/sid)
AmigaRemix (http://www.amigaremix.com/) - Remixes of game music for the Amiga (mp3)
OCRemix (http://OCremix.org/) - Rated remixes of game music (mp3)
VGMix (http://www.vgmix.com/) - Remixes of game music (mp3)
SOAC (http://www.6581-8580.com/) - HVSC rendered to mp3 from each version of the SID-chip 6581-r2, 6581-r4 and 8580 (mp3)
HVSC (http://www.hvsc.c64.org/Downloads/index.html) - The most complete collection of SID tunes (sid)
Modarchive (http://www.modarchive.com/) - The most complete collection of modules (mod/s3m/xm/it/etc)
Video Game Soundtracks (http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks.php) - A huge collection of game soundtracks (mp3)
The SID Recordings Archive (http://sid.oth4.com/) - SIDs rendered to MP3 at 256kbps using HardSID (mp3)
Amiga Music Preservation (http://amp.dascene.net/home.php) - Almost 100.000 amiga modules with a database of 10.000++ composers (mod)
Project 2612 (http://project2612.org/index.php) - A big music archive for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Also has a winamp plugin for playback. (vgz)
Atari FTP Archive (http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/) - Atari music and some video captures and misc other platforms, HVSC, etc. (mp3/sid)
Chiptune (http://www.chiptune.com/) - Amiga Workbench implemented in JS/CSS. Also has a module archive. (mod)
C64 Jukebox (http://c64jukebox.hardsid.com/) - Top list of most played sids from hardsid with links to the SIDs. (sid)
ExoticA (http://www.exotica.org.uk/) - Includes modland, hsvc, and of course the Exotica and UnExotica collections, plus ogg (expirimental) download of the tunes in streaming format (lha,ogg)
BitJam (http://www.bitfellas.org/e107_plugins/radio/radio.php?browse) - Big archive of demo music and remixes (mp3)
Scene.org (http://scene.org/dir.php?dir=%2Fmusic/) - Huge collection of demo/gfx/music/video with fresh party releases. (all formats)

2009-07-07, 00:35
Some nitpicky details.. ;)

radio.c64.org is SLAY Radio. Before it was named SLAY Radio, it was radio.c64.org. This was in, like, 2002 or something. :)

HVSC also prefers to be called that and not HVSID.

Apart from that, great list!

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-07-07, 17:17
More nitpicking:

"Demovibes" is actually a collective; it's what used to be called Nectarine; Yes is calling it 'Demovibes Radio' right now but it's been Nectarine for almost 10 years. Some folks will recall it as such; specifically some folks in Norway. The "Demovibes" collection itself is Willbe's Demovibes mixes, and those are available on a separate site. - http://www.demovibes.org goes to both, but the collections/mixes are at Willbe's portion. You really should list these separately, or have them as a different category. You could almost put the Demovibes stuff in the 'podcast' area, but it's more a fantastic collection of hour+ mix of tunes.

BitJam and Bitfellas have had podcasts for AGES and should be listed in that area as well, with links to the podcasts.

"DTV" is Demoscene TV. DTV is a c64 joystick that can be converted to a 'real' c64 with some hacks (it's not real, it's actually a separate platform, TRSI has done demos for that platform...)

You're missing the BIG one for Amiga: Exotica; Buzz's site; http://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/Main_Page - includes modland, hsvc, and of course the Exotica and UnExotica collections, plus ogg (expirimental) download of the tunes in streaming format.

And scene.org doesn't warrant a mention? Um, why? (:

Newly discovered today:
http://soundcloud.com/groups/amiga-music/tracks - SLL has put some of his tunes on Soundcloud, and is hoping for more Amiga stuff to be put there. Just, please, folks, DO NOT USE FREAKING MIKMOD TO CONVERT THEM.

2009-07-19, 00:33
D'oh. I missed that this thread actually needed moderation, for some reason. Anyhoo, here it is, for public amusement. :)

2009-07-19, 02:35
Also, I guess you should rename KWED to either Remix.Kwed.Org or simply RKO as well. :)

2009-07-24, 17:29
Thank you very much for the input, I think I've fixed them all now and added scene.org ofcourse :o
Now I will fix the Norwegian translation aswell and all should be good \o/