View Full Version : Yet another music theif at work

2009-07-06, 00:39
Well.. Again someone thinks it's okay to download music and rename it and then call it your own..

This time it's a person called Sub Sonic..

This is his page at UpTrax.. http://uptrax.com/user/?id=27283

"The Palace" is in fact "Instant Remedy - Last Ninja (The Palace)", not much imagination in renaming the track here, huh ?

Well.. There are other tracks there as well. Sadly I can't recognize any of them right now.
The quality of the other tracks are very high which makes it suspicious that he then would steal Instant Remedy's track ?

If you could have a listen to the other tracks (remember to press "show all tracks") and see if you recognize any of them then please reply this thread..

It would be nice to have as much evidence as possible to present the UpTrax admin.. Even though I think this should be enough to ban that "artist".

2009-07-06, 02:45
HRM. This site makes it difficult to download tunes, have to register, pshaw! Their streaming player doesn't work for me, either.

I'll take your word for it. I'm not really surprised, people on the internet hosers. I caught some guy ganking articles from my news entertainment site-- this was a few years ago, anyway. He was cutting and pasting them right into his blog, even using the images I was hosting! I told him "Hey, stop that", and he tried to weasel out of it, saying he thought he was promoting my site. He wasn't even giving me credit! What a hoser.

2009-07-08, 22:16
Well.. Got the answer back from UpTrax... The track has been deleted and the 'artist' got a warning..
Too bad about the other tracks but at least Instant Remedy is yet again the one and only composer of this track.. :p

The really sad deal about this is that Sub Sonic is/was one of our own people in this community.. :( http://www.remix64.com/member_sub_sonic.html

Anyway.. Case closed.. Nothing to see.. Move along..