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2018-03-17, 18:48
Hey There...

...sorry for (maybe) asking a thumb question: I cannot copy and past from the recorded chat in reLive client. Is it just not working on my (office) machine (one of these windows bug-thingis cause by patch KB0982390213bla) or is it not implemented?
It's quite annoying especially with URLs....
Thanks :)

2018-03-18, 16:52
Which client is that? The Qt one of the lightweight one? :) Has it been working before? :) Also, they are VERY outdated, so nothing would be able to be changed at this point. :)

2018-03-18, 17:04
Thanks for rply :)
It's the "600k" (626.688 Bytes) Executable for Win...
Couldn't find a version tag ...not sure if it worked before; just been dropped on it cause the java stuff on teh website didnt work here. (dont wanna put java discussion here now as for sure you know about :-) ...but takes time to write something else/new and *someone* who does it in the end...)
So it's not a major problem to spend time on it :-) ..

2018-05-16, 09:05
ReliveQt version 0.9.69 does not play the latest shows, the date has stopped (SceneSat 29/01/2018).

2018-05-17, 08:45
That's a pretty simple fix. Go to the Settings dialogue and change the Root Server setting to http://stations.relive.nu. This is because the re-live.se domain expired and are not used by us any longer. :)

2018-05-24, 10:45
Thank you very much, I needed it!