View Full Version : The Sound of SceneSat on a CD-R

2022-10-09, 09:52
Here's a kinda interesting question.

How many CD-R discs does it take to burn all 6 (at the time of this post) volumes of The Sound of SceneSat?

2022-12-03, 12:36
Not only is this question not very interesting, itís also not very clear. Are you looking to create audio CDs or CDs with e.g. MP3s? Either way, all the data you need to get an answer to this question is publicly available.

For example, find The Sound of SceneSat, Volume 1 on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/album/6EDBRfYcwHwOv0n90g7Jgp), or on Bandcamp (https://scenesat.bandcamp.com/album/the-sound-of-scenesat-volume-1). Those two pages will tell you how long the tracks are; an audio CD fits about 80 minutes. The math is simple.

If you want to burn the MP3s, download them from Bandcamp and then see how many of them you get on a 650 MB CD. Your CD authoring software can probably even help you with that!