View Full Version : We're loud, we're proud and we're BACK!

2009-08-29, 07:05
Yes, after a few days of downtime we finally have risen from the ashes again. Bigger, faster and stronger than ever with a new engine driving us through the netwaves...

Monday August 24th, at approximately 20:20 CEST, we fell off air due to a sabotage to a router at our ISP (read more about this here (http://www.thelocal.se/21678/20090825/)). This completely cut off our main servers from the rest of the world. Instead of just rolling over and taking it, we decided to keep at it and take this opportunity to move to a new server and a new ISP, which we have planned for quite some time but not been able to do due to a lot of reasons. This situation helped pushing us into the right direction and we decided to sort the new server out instead of trying to find a solution for the old system.

After some days of hard work and reconfiguring, we have finally re-launched SceneSat on a new server at a new data center, helping us continue our chosen path to bring you the amazing tracks we have at our disposal. The new server is a lot more capable than the previous one and we look forward to giving this a good go and see what it can do.

We'd like to thank Fredrik (ex-DCS) for his help in solving this situation and for hosting the station for over a year and of course we'd also like to thank our new hosting partner Westbahr (http://westbahr.com/) for giving us the opportunity to host our main server at their data center in Gothenburg. We're sure that this will be a great partnership in all aspects.

Now, keep enjoying our repository of amazing tracks from the demoscene and other parts of the music world. We surely will!

// The SceneSat staff

2009-08-29, 14:57
Welcome back :D

2009-08-29, 15:46
Good thing it turned out for the best in the end, I guess =)

2009-08-29, 15:54
Great SceneSat Radio is back up again. http://board.zwergenbinge.de/images/smilies/icon_thumbright.gif

2009-08-29, 19:20
Nice... Just in time for the Cozy Corner :)

2009-08-29, 19:58
Good to hear Scenesat back on air :)

2009-08-29, 21:56
w00t! :)

More Scenesat Demoliciousness!

2009-08-29, 22:34
Great work Ziphoid and Co, it's good to have Scenesat back again. :)

2009-08-30, 09:35
ah, yeah, welcome back! :)

Alexander Morou
2009-08-30, 22:31
Good to have this station back.

It's great for coding.

I used to listen to that SLAY station, but its rotational seemed redundant ._.;

I haven't yet grown tired of the rotational here. It seems to be a much larger variety.