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2009-09-24, 04:09

2009-09-24, 06:41
Great idea, witchyn \o/

And I'm going to donate a small amount too... :)

2009-09-24, 18:39
That is an excellent idea! :)

2009-09-30, 14:01
I'm all for donating to these types of very nice free services, and I like the idea of getting a lot of people to participate with small amounts. However, if you're donating via some online service such as PayPal, and your donating budget is, say, $1 per month, you might want to donate $3 every 3 months instead. That way less of your donations are consumed by the service fees they charge.

(If the service fees are significant, that is. I haven't looked into it much, but I remember someone mentioning something like €0.35 per transaction. Anyone have more info on this?)

2010-06-04, 18:35
Breathing some new life in this thread by pointing up to the top of the page where you'll find a new button named 'Flattr'. Flattr is a microdonation system which actually is a very good idea for when you want to contribute to ideas and projects, but don't want/can't make bigger donations via Paypal and such services. Go to http://flattr.com and have a look for yourselves. :) ...and then flattr us a bit if you feel up for it. :) There are a lot of worthy projects out there so it's a really good idea in my opinion. :)

2010-06-05, 17:11

Some artists should set up their accounts as well, I'm eager to donate, for one. :)